Friday, December 31, 2010

the last post of the year

A Happy New Year 2011
Ein glückliches neues Jahr 2011!
Un Feliz Año Nuevo 2011

is my wish to you all

this morning San Diego is beautifully sunny and cold
the city smiled at us once again with its golden smile
this has been a good year
as i feel my years have been lately in spite of it all
no matter if sick, mad, tired, or broke
lately i enjoy more of life
of the enjoy of being alive
so i hope i can share with you this feeling
of no matter what being thankful for being alive

i hope 2011 brings you peace, health, love, and plenty
of smiles, even if those silly ones that your mouth draws
without an apparent reason, those are the best

this morning, i took this close-up of a mourning dove
she wasn't mourning but getting ready to celebrate the beginning
of a new year in our lives!

A Happy New Year 2011
Ein glückliches neues Jahr 2011!
Un Feliz Año Nuevo 2011

hope to see you around here next year!

Monday, December 27, 2010

and a little boy was born

i was raised as a catholic
and even though my behavior inclines
more towards the sinner side than to the
holiness and respect of church and catholic rules
i do feel a profound respect for Jesus Christ
not so much for the church institution yet...

i don't question myself if he's the "one"
our "savior" or just another "prophet"
but i sure know he was one of the 'coolest' men
on Earth ever, and has influenced our culture
more than most historical characters

and sure why not? deep in my heart
when i struggle, i find myself, even to my own surprise
repeating his name

yes! i admire him and i am thankful to be able to celebrate
his birthday, that winter day when a little boy was born
to change the face of Earth

happy birthday little baby Jesus and
Merry Christmas to you all!

one of my favorite Christmas songs
by one of my favorite bands is this little song about
offering the little that you have in life with all
the love you can, just like this drummer boy
that has nothing else to offer but his drum playing

& also here my little Nativity scene
"Nacimiento" as we call it in Spanish
for days i've been so busy, & i keep on procrastinating
on decorating the little card-stock box that holds it
but about a week ago, i realized Jesus taught humility
so what can be more humble than a card-stock box
with some Mexican crafts representing the scene?

i am glad this year i placed my Nativity scene
and was able to share these cozy days with
my beloved mother and my two cats

¡Feliz Navidad!

i started writing this on December 24
but didn't add the photo until now
as usual, am a little late
hope you are having a good ending of 2010

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

wishlist 2010, item 3, Nadav Kander's Yangtze – The Long River

my third wish list item for this year's list
is yet another beautiful book
Nadav Kander: Yangtze, The Long River

this is a wish that might come true next year
depending on my economical situation
the book is not that expensive, but is not out yet in the US
actually, i would love to only be able to watch
the wonderful prints, more than even own the book

here some information on photographer Nadav Kander
and his website

The Guardian UK has a very interesting review of the book
"The river," writes Kander, "is embedded in the consciousness of the Chinese, even for those who live thousands of miles from it. It plays a significant role in the spiritual and physical life of the people."
read the whole article here

and to see some of the beautiful prints
visit this site

now if you feel compelled to send this book as a
Christmas or New Year's gift for your friend blogger here
please send me an e-mail and i will send you back
my mailing address ;)

Christmas is almost here! and i still believe in Santa
i've been a good woman all year, so this book and the other
wishes from the list, might just appear at my doorstep
on Christmas morning, eh?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

just like Christmas

enjoying these little Christmas chores:
writing cards for friends

Herr Gato playing with a little Rosemary tree

and listening to modern Christmas songs
from this lovely Low Christmas album

and so far this Christmas feels
yep, just like Christmas...

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

arbolito de Navidad, the little Christmas tree

my same old little Christmas tree
has been up for a couple of days now
Frau Kitty enjoys the Christmas spirit

and i found a Herr Gato's ornament!

but sadly, Herr Gato doesn't seem to be touched
by the kindness of Christmas
he killed yet another mouse...
somethings never change {ah sigh...}

i hope you enjoy a little Christmas too!
hanging a little ornament or two
is always a good thing
and don't follow psychokiller Gato's example!

Friday, December 03, 2010

wishlist 2010, item 2, A History of the World in 100 Objects book

this book is my 2nd item of the wishlist
A History of the World in 100 Objects
by Neil MacGregor, who has been Director of the British Museum since 2002
an incredible book based on the BBC radio show
(which i haven't listened to but sound wonderful)

and more information about this exciting
compilation of the objects that have made us humans

do click on these samples of pages
they look better on bigger resolution

Synopsis from Penguin Books
A chipped stone that was one of the first things ever made by human hands; a clay tablet telling the story of the great flood centuries before the Bible; a broken hunter's spear dropped by one of the earliest settlers in America; a hoard of gold abandoned in the Wars of the Roses ... every object tells a story.

Neil MacGregor's radio series A History of the World in 100 Objects has been a unique event that has set a new benchmark for public service broadcasting in the UK and across the world. This book will be the tie-in to that event, faithfully reproducing the scripts describing the objects that made us who we are, with pictures of the objects themselves, as they were discussed in each episode. It will also be a kaleidoscopic book of history that tells the story of human civilization in an unprecedented way.

and why i keep this wonderful book as a wish
and not go ahead and buy it??
well, it's too big, and sort of expensive
and i don't have much space at home for bigger books anymore
nor much money, and what if i have to move next year?
will be another thing to drag
but i am looking forward to seeing it 'live'
with a good cup of coffee at Borders or Barnes & Noble soon

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

wishlist 2010

Wired magazined published the wishlist 2010
plenty of neat items
i already want item #1 of their list!
this lovely Hario V60 Buono Kettle
stylish, so pretty!

but i already have a kettle, so i won't buy it
nor request it
but i like the wishlist idea
i will keep on adding items from here to December
that i wish i had, but chances are i won't get
as gifts, nor i will buy
so they will always be that: wishes...

for once i will be unlike most Americans
i will wish, but not attempt to posses
only on the blog as pictures
very much like the lovely blog of our german lady friend
Geisslein, who updates every day her blog
with lovely images, stylish rooms, and products

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lennon days

yesterday watched Lennon Naked
this British documentary at PBS' Contemporary Masterpiece
interesting but nothing like tonight's edition
of American Masters
Lennon NYC, hope you are watching or watch too

amazing story, great interviews, Yoko included
of John's time in NYC and LA

what a wonderful man he was!
all genius, so sincere, what a big heart

Watch the full episode. See more American Masters.

Lennon on Sunday
Lennon on Monday
i could take it all days of all months
of all weeks

Sunday, November 21, 2010

der Regen ist la Lluvia when it rains

masculine in German
feminine in Spanish
neutral auf Englisch

he/she/it has been installed in San Diego
for the weekend

la Lluvia

der Regen

& it rains rains rains

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

under construction

as my little life seems always to be
be be be, and then it bes again

[this photo="" from="" across="" my="" street=""][/this]

and a song to accompany the mood, sure thing!
another Arcade Fire, the Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

this to honor the always-under-construction
neighborhood of my heart & souls
as it goes:

And if the snow buries my,
my neighborhood.
And if my parents are crying
then I’ll dig a tunnel
from my window to yours,
yeah a tunnel from my window to yours.
You climb out the chimney
and meet me in the middle,
the middle of town.
And since there’s no one else around,
we let our hair grow long
and forget all we used to know,
then our skin gets thicker
from living out in the snow.

You change all the lead
sleepin’ in my head,
as the day grows dim
I hear you sing a golden hymn.

Then we tried to name our babies,
but we forgot all the names that,
the names we used to know.
But sometimes, we remember our bedrooms,
and our parent’s bedrooms,
and the bedrooms of our friends.
Then we think of our parents,
well what ever happened to them?!

You change all the lead
sleepin’ in my head to gold,
as the day grows dim,
I hear you sing a golden hymn,
the song I’ve been trying to say.

Purify the colors, purify my mind.
Purify the colors, purify my mind,
and spread the ashes of the colors
over this heart of mine!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

they are coming!

Mysterious Missile Launch Off California Coast

WASHINGTON - Whatever it was, it didn't represent a threat to the United States.

That's according to a statement from the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, about what appeared to be a missile launched Monday off the coast of Southern California.

The agency says there was no launch by any foreign military.

U.S. military officials say they're looking into a video that appears to show an object shooting across the sky and leaving a large vapor trail.

A Pentagon spokesman says nobody has been able to explain what the vapor trail is, or what caused it. He says "all indications" are that the Defense Department wasn't involved, and that it might have been created by something flown by a private company.

Missile tests are common off Southern California, from vessels and platforms. Normally, they would require notification so mariners and pilots could be warned.

A KCBS news helicopter crew captured footage late Monday of what appeared to be a missile in the sky northwest of Catalina Island. The video shows a point of light moving through the sky followed by a contrail, similar to a missile being launched.

"We're looking into it," said Ian Gregor of the Federal Aviation Administration. "We did not approve of any commercial launches in that area Monday."

The North American Aerospace Defense Command and the United States Northern Command issued a statement saying federal authorities were aware of the "unexplained contrail."

"At this time, we are unable to provide specific details, but we are working to determine the exact nature of this event," according to the statement. "We can confirm that there is no threat to our nation and from all indications this was not a launch by a foreign military. We will provide more information as it becomes available."

Officials at Vandenberg Air Force Base and Naval Air Station Point Mugu told the Los Angeles Times they were not responsible for the launch.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Sherlock's chic scarf

i've never been a fashionista
& these days i wear mostly clothes
i either found on sale and
that don't make me look too fat...
sadly, my fashion sense has been pretty neglected

but as i watched the 3rd episode of Sherlock
which was a dark, more involved plot one
i realized, i am in love with Sherlock's scarf

it looks so soft, but the kind of softness that
comes with use, just like the patina developed
by the 400-year-of-use teapots from episode 2
The Blind Banker...

so trying to find out more about Sherlock's scarf
i did what any pertinent person does these days
i googled it! and what's my surprise
i am not the only one with a passion
for the scarf, the coat, 'Dr. Watson's' look,
or Sherlock's coat neck wear up!
there's even a new fashion-term
Sherlock chic!

check for yourself
on the Sherlocking Forums
and this article at the Independent

so if you see a scarf like the one he's wearing above
please let me know where
i want one, and who knows?
maybe i'll even start 'deducing' stuff myself too

Sunday, November 07, 2010

unlikely friends

my friend mione sent me this
a perfect Sunday morning story
the lovely story of an unlikely friendship
between animals, just see

it's a colder but sunny fall morning in San Diego
a quiet Sunday with cats & friends

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

love for the printed book

oh! i will have to get this one for my little library...

Bound to Last: 30 Writers On Their Most Cherished Book
by (Editor) Sean Manning; (Foreword) Ray Bradbury
Da Capo Press
ISBN-10 030681921x
ISBN-13 9780306819216
FORMAT Paperback
From Strand Bookstore

An array of writers come to the passionate defense of the printed book with spirited, never-before-published essays celebrating the hardcover or paperback that matters most to them - not necessarily because of its content, but because of the significance it holds for them as a one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable object. Includes original essays by, among others: Ray Bradbury, Francine Prose, David Hajdu, Wells Tower, Julia Glass. 288p.
Editor Sean Manning appears @STRAND BOOKSTORE >>November 3>>7pm - 8pm.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


i always disliked politics
but as i grow older
i understand the responsibilities of a good citizen
and i appreciate the freedom to vote

so i went out and voted
as i've done for a long time now

as i write this Jerry Brown is being
declared as the new Democratic Governor
of California, i celebrate 'cause he was my choice

let's see how this goes for California
oh poor beautiful state!

while waiting for elections results
i had to distract myself with something

Herr Gato and his politic views helped!
and Herr Gato is much better looking than Jerry too!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

little Halloween

this year i had a very little Halloween

just a couple of quick placed lights

and only 1 group of trick or treaters...
but it was a good day

hope you had a spooky one too!

getting ready to watch the new Sherlock
as i type...

Friday, October 29, 2010

la pantera rosa

the pink panther doesn't have voices in English
but in Spanish, they talked the signs in English
translated in Spanish, this the Pink Panther
i grew up watching...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sunny again

after many cloudy & rainy days, it's sunny San Diego again... posting from my $5 old mobile

Monday, October 25, 2010

the new Sherlock

i haven't been so excited about a TV show
i think since i was a teenager
and since i was teenager too
i've been enamored & have been a big fan
of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's creation
Sherlock Holmes

really, i remember being 10 or 11 years old
and having to stay home sick with a cold
feverish and head-achy, but happy 'cause i would have
the chance to read Las Aventuras de Sherlock Holmes
[i read it in Spanish] instead of going to school

he's always been at the top of the all the mysteries
books i've read, he's always been my inspiration
for science and deduction
in a way, he has spoiled every man for me
'cause i've never found somebody as intelligent
nor dark but still righteous as he is

since long, i've been in love with Sherlock Holmes

and that's why these new series, of Sherlock
re-incarnated for the 21st century, had me a little nervous
sure! i was excited to see him again, on a new actor
but also i was afraid

through the years, i've suffered disappointments
regarding the actors playing Sherlock
probably the saddest, but expected horror
was the last Hollywood version of Sherlock with
Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock, i like Robert
but i HATED the movie, so far from what Sherlock really is

one of my most admired impersonations of Sherlock
has been by Jeremy Brett, he was brilliant as the
'old' Sherlock

Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes

an even older, but great too, was Basil Rathbone
a classy old image of Sherlock

Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

but on the 'new 21st century' Sherlock
mister Benedict Cumberbatch is definitively
a joy to watch, he distills intelligence, logic,
freakishness, and a great deal of fun,
he's even funny!
the chemistry between him and Martin Freeman
as Dr. John Watson is something spectacular too
also i loved how the really important character
of Dr. Watson recovers his place on these series
in so many he has been overshadowed by Sherlock...

the adaptation of the plots to our times
is rather intelligent too, Sherlock, so fond
of telegrams on his days, now sends text messages on the phone
the carriages have been replaced by cabs
and instead of Sherlock deducing Watson's life
by watching his pocket watch, this time he analyzes
his cellphone

i truly enjoyed the show last night
it is fast paced, clever, super-clever i must say
the acting and settings are superb &...
it was a lot of fun!
like TV is supposed to be!

Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman play Holmes & Watson

can't wait to see again
mister Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes
and Martin Freeman asDr. John Watson
if i were to meet them in person
i'd shake their hands and say thank you!

for more reviews and information visit these sites

on this link, you can find ALL the actors
who have played Sherlock Holmes
Benedict Cumberbatch needs to be added to the list

Saturday, October 23, 2010

the hawk is back & the sun smells too loud

the hawk who visits my alley is back

is planning to eat some of these little guys

reminds me of Mogwai's album The Hawk is Howling
and from it, this little lovely track the sun smells too loud

the weekend is here
i hope you enjoy it, and so your life

Thursday, October 21, 2010

i despise

drivers who:

1. do NOT use their turn signals (blinkers, directional lights, whatever you want to call them but PLEASE use them before you change lanes or are about to turn left or right)

2. talk on their stupid cellphone while driving, or even worse, those who text!

3. do NOT give preference to pedestrians, c'mon! you are driving a metal beast, a person walking has all the disadvantages, at least let them go first!

4. desperate, impatience drivers, i used to be a super-fast driver, i still drive fast, but i hate those drivers that are rushing by all the time, even if you are great driver, speed makes everything worse, i've learned by experience

i despise many drivers, but somehow these are the ones i despise the most
and yes! at number 1 are the turn signals denial ones, strangely these are the ones i despise the most!

the darn blinkers are there, the controller so close to your steering wheel!
it takes about 2 seconds to turn your signal, and it's such a courtesy to other drivers
do indicate if you are going right of left, don't be lazy and an idiot!

as you can read, i have a strong opinion about it...

Saturday, October 16, 2010

El Secreto de sus ojos

I've heard about this film a lot
good opinions, and great recommendations,
won the Oscar to best foreign film
and I knew Argentinian films are great,
this one is excellent!

El Secreto de sus Ojos

Mesmerizing, really
you get into the, as i read somewhere,
byzantine plot that interlaces
an unresolved crime with a love story
mixing past time & present
sometimes complex and always elegant script
the photography, the acting
the witty, poetic, and at times,
very funny dialogs, make of it
a complete film, i'd say a masterpiece

it's very well-done in every aspect
without expensive effects, but very classy resources

i'd love to watch more films by this director

i have the lovely advantage
of being a native Spanish speaker
so the fast spoken Argentinian accent
and the 'boludo' slang
weren't a problem but rather a delight

The secret in their eyes

i recommend you that if you need subtitles
do keep the sound in Spanish, there's a lot
to the acting that makes this film

i read a bit of the English subtitles when I was done
i was curious!, and even if they are not literal
[they said: "damn you!"
when is Spanish were saying: "que me cago en ti, boludo."
that is more like, i shit on you, asshole...
which is a common, even if very rude, thing to say in Argentina
in Mexico we have other insults]
this film is worth watching even in its native language

so, highly recommendable!
one of the best murder thrillers I've seen in a while
and a soulful love story

Thursday, October 14, 2010

la fotografía y el internet

my very first love with the internet
was photography, yeah! digital, scanned
film, whatever, but images capturing still
a moving life
my most frequented site was
and somehow has been left behind
the silly Facebook, the blog, those more
instantly rewarding sites have kept me away
from doing more photography
also 'cause i have more limited time
and i have already too many times
photographed my front yard and my chubby cats
i feel i've become repetitive on themes
'cause i don't have much time left on the day
to go out and chase photographs

but anyway, it was refreshing to post
a couple of photos, all 35mm film
taken with my old Nikkormat camera
most taken with black & white film
an iso 100 film Kodak T-Max TMX

i really hope i get myself to photograph more
(i do photograph plenty but i don't post)
but also to do from more interesting themes
that my doorstep, my poor cats, who probably
think i am a Cat-paparazzi, and all the food i eat...

OK less blah and here are the images

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

the length of the days

i wish the days were longer
not like in the summer
but like 15 hours longer
making them each 27 hours long

i wish i had to work only 1/4 of that time
and have the rest of the day free
to stare at the clouds, and their capricious shapes
i wish i had 3 hours each morning to make breakfast
to slowly drink café

i wish i could play from 5 to 6 hours with each cat
every day & i wish to embrace a long book
without worrying about this time i waste

i wish to go for a 248 mile walk
without interruptions nor shortness of breath

i wish my life was long
not 70 years or so but
i wish i could live to a 300
with no sickness and no remorse

for the nights
i wish them to still be short
full of colorful dreams and not waking up
by asthma attacks or nightmares or burglars
or sirens of cops or firemen or choppers above

i wish my days were long enough
but sadly, they are not

Monday, October 04, 2010

Monday's gray & House's blue

clouds of steel &
mild's the rain

this Monday's gray!

fits the mood for
this House of Leaves
to read again

House of Leaves
Mark Z. Danielewski
an old review

re-reading this claustrophobic book

a haunted house's story
horror enclosed on the lay out
the word House always in blue
and other rather experimental fiction
examples of layout, typography,
and footnotes, a whole different narrative
gives you a second novel here
some photo-examples of the book

the cover, smaller than the rest of the book

not all the book has this lay-out but was the story
goes deeper, so the formatting

photos, polaroids, drawings, letter, and poems
complete the book, various Appendixes and an Index too

diagonal printing

and then more clastrophobia on semi-used pages
with XXX's and some with only 1 word...

if you like experimental fiction, give it a try
the story is good...

Thursday, September 30, 2010

explosions in the sky

we've been having pretty strange weather in San Diego
Monday we broke record heat, it was 95°F (35°C) inside my house!!
the poor Gatos and myself were melting...
Tuesday was a little cooler
Wednesday the humidity started gathering in the shape
of wonderful fluffy clouds!!
reminiscent of a wonderful band
Explosions in the Sky

here a sample of their wonderful cinematic music
click on the name to listen to the mp3 on their site
song: Your Hand in Mine
from their 2003 album: "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place"

i took these photos as i was leaving the office

[click on the photo to see the full size panorama]

today Thursday, we've been having a show off of
thunderstorms and erratic rain
wonder what's in for tomorrow...
Antonio Vivaldi would be happy here this week
4 seasons, one every day of the week

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Muse, heute Abend

i have been sadly away from here
too much work
my cousin visiting
too much reading
etc., etc., etc...

but tonight, i escape and go see live Muse
i don't really know the latest albums from these English guys
but i remember back in 1999, i used to get goosebumps
with their 1st album Showbiz
tonight i see them live for the first time in my life
here in San Diego

Showbiz from Showbiz to blog about...

rock out with this falsetto 'cause
the power of rock music never dies

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

been away from my blog for too long, (posting this from my cell)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The vanishing of Katharina Linden

a couple of Twitter fellows organized and declared September 7
as the National Buy A Book Day

i didn't know this until later that night
yet... on September 7 and after my visit to the bookstore
on Sunday Sept.5 i decided to go back and buy the 2nd book
that called my attention that day
I was thankful to have bought it on Sept. 7
therefore being part of the National movement of supporting
books and dying bookstores

the book is The Vanishing of Katharina Linden

this book sounds so appealing to me
i am like an old lady, and i've been like that since i was 12 years old
i loooove mysteries! and the quirkiest they are
the more i like them

i think my love with mysteries started with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's
Sherlock Holmes, and also with the Edgar Allan Poe short horror stories
which i started reading around age 10
since then, my love for books has evolved, i like to read other
kind of fiction too, i love classic books, and now & then
i will grab a non-fiction book... yet...

Mysteries are my favorites!

this book sounds perfect for me, a mix of fairy tales,
a haunted German town, and school stories
also, it was many words in German, so i can practice my German
the book and writer are British but the location is in Germany
the small town of Bad Münstereifel

and love how the characters are named
Oma Kristel, Onkel Thomas, Tante Britta, etc.
ah! the kids like very much to say Scheiße!

here a video-review of the book

can't wait to read more!

day off, book in

yesterday i was off work, it was the Labor day holiday
i like these days off to have long/late breakfasts and to read!
and in spite of having so many books to read
i went on Sunday to get yet another one...

i was undecided between two books
but i made up my mind and got this one
[see photo below]
since lately i don't seem to have the time
nor the frame of mind to read a whole book
these European short stories sounded like a good deal

i've read already the 1st one
an Albanian story, hilarious and rather good
then i read the 2nd one, from Austria
rather strange dreams... even more strange literature

i am glad i am getting into the obscure though...

here a review

the tea? ah! Rooibos!

Monday, September 06, 2010

pre-Labor day burgers & the fading of the Summer

i have mostly cut red meat from my diet
but when Sunday night my friend perro & his lovely wife m (m&m)
invited me to have some hamburgers, knowing perro's dedication
and detail to food, i gladly accepted...

so may the cows and pigs forgive me but i ate one of these!
delicious grilled hamburgers made of grass-fed beef
with bacon, grated Gruyere cheese, spicy guacamole,
tomatoes, and served on his own baked kaiser rolls

all made from scratch!

delicious stuff! the finished product below, before i munched it down

now the 3 day weekend is coming to an end
and that melancholy that belongs to Sunday nights
now it's here on a Monday of Labor day
i am glad to have a job, but i would love a couple of extra days off

Labor day marks the end of the Summer
although we barely had a summer here in San Diego
only a handful of days it was hot, most days were cool and some nights
were very cold, i personally prefer cool temperatures
so i was delighted, but the absence of heat made the summer fade faster

today was unusually coldish, gray, and windy, it felt
like the Autumn and having had a Holiday
i ended up thinking of Christmas!!

and to celebrate the end of my summer
which is always wasted, a lovely song
A Summer Wasting by Belle & Sebastian
from one of my most listened albums The Boy with the Arab Strap

Summer in winter,
Winter in springtime,
You heard the birds sing:
Everything will be fine.

I spent the summer wasting,
The time was passed so easily.
But if the summer's wasted
How come that I could feel so free?
I spent the summer wasting,
The sky was blue beyond compare.
A photograph of myself
Is all I have to show for
~A Summer Wasting, Belle & Sebastian

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

una foto y una canción: neighborhood & kettles

a photo and a song
ein Bild und ein Lied
una foto y una canción

"I am waitin’ ’til I don’t know when,
cause I’m sure it’s gonna happen then.
Time keeps creepin’ through the neighborhood,
killing old folks, wakin’ up babies just like we knew it would..."
~Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles), Arcade Fire

i love this song!
and to illustrate it
a couple of old pictures i took from my neighborhood
and my kettles....