Monday, September 16, 2013

animals are not products

remember, animals are NOT products,
they should never be displayed in supermarkets such as...
They deserve respect
and we owe them to treat them with dignity,
they deserve for us to leave them alone!!
this planet is as much theirs, as it is ours,
just because we are 'stronger' and
capable of war and violence,
we should never slave them!
All animals are living creatures, not products.
They all deserve to be free from human tyranny.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Vegan Social Justice : Stop Making Excuses and Go Vegan Already...

Please read this heartfelt interesting post on the struggle of a woman to become vegan.
Vegan Social Justice : Stop Making Excuses and Go Vegan Already...: It is funny how many times when I talk about being vegan people act as if I was never myself a meat-eater, as if I was born vegan. The truth...

Friday, September 06, 2013

Tonight's tea

It is hot in San Diego
But I need my tea
Follow the tea advice
And have a good night
And a good life
Be kind to humans
To animals, to plants
To all beings, and to all life
Yogi tea

best answer, vegan

as found on yahoo answers!
THe natural biology of a human is a plant eater. It is not designed for the absorption of fat and salt from its intestine like all meat eaters. It isn't designed to digest meat well. It isn't designed with meat eating components like pointy fangs to rip, a short bowel to accommodate the non fibre meat inside it, or jaws to gulp the flesh. No, the human being is designed for plant eating- a wide jaw which chews ( meat eaters do not) , a long intestine to hold the food longer in order to suck out all the vitamins and water it can, then use the roughage ( fibre) of the food to clean it out, and flat teeth to cut and chump the food like a grinder.
We are plant eaters. We may have eaten meat and done other things for thousands of years ( smoking, beating women, arguing and getting stressed, starting wars based on egotism) but that doesn't make them good habits.
Humans are led by greed mostly, and they have complex mental faculties - nowadays we know meat isn't necessary and eating it could seem as backward an idea as it was to hold back women or black people going to university back in the day ( then, it was right, after all they weren't considered useful or even clever).
The human race is designed to eat plant foods and thrive off them. And be healthy off them.
Once we start eating meat, we get higher cholesterol, and colon cancer in greater quantities, also breast cancer. It does destroy our health slowly. All animal protein contains cholesterol and unhealthy fat.
Now we know this stuff, and that animals have pain receptors and can feel the same as we do, and all the other modern discoveries of health and biology, we know , just the same as finding out smoking causes cancer, that we don't need meat and the years spent partaking in it cause/d a lot of health issues.

The cons of meat eating are so many it's too long a list to write. But main ones:
it's very expensive- you're basically buying a body.
Very unhealthy- your body cannot digest meat as a food the way it digests and uses plant matter- which contains all the minerals and vitamins and essential elements we're meant to eat.
High high cost of environment- the meat industry is the biggest polluter on the planet.
Rainforests- they are being chopped down each day, they can't be replaces, to make way for fast food cattle.
Environment- the energy it takes to make one lb of meat is way way higher than 2 lb of plant food. Electricity to house, clean, feed, kill, store, chop up and transport the meat. Plant food doesn't take any of that.
Cruelty. let's not forget we're talking about living animals' lives. Living, breathing creatures, just like slaves to satisfy other people's greed. It's a fallacy to say meat is a cheap protein that can be used by hungry people. I've live in those poor areas, like the American south, never met a redneck yet who didn't love McDonald's and his meat. It's cheaper growing beans, and the even more impoverished people who do so are clever about it. It's not a reason to kill backyard squirrels and rabbits. These people who claim that- really? Beans, are easy and much cheaper, plus, guns cost money to maintain, just don't believe it. I speak from experience of living there.
MEat will cost you health wise in the long run. Meat eaters get more breast cancer, fact. Colon cancer too, fact.

Veg diet- cheaper, much less hassle to cook and prepare. Meat, you realise if you don't keep it chilled and leave it out, it turns in to a time bomb of potential death. I mean, look at that fact, and ask how much is your greed worth it.
You smell better on a veg diet. There is a certain smell of meat eaters, I can tell it standing near them. The smell of the inside of your body, sweat, chemicals from urea and toxins. Smells rotten.
Nicer to environment. YOU will not be making a massive dent in the pollution on earth. This is a huge factor you can't avoid. Google meat pollution, and you'll see. Acid rain, burnt rain forest, toxic streams and lakes.
Why should anyones greed be more important than aother living beings right to life.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

I do love animals, a protest against bacon

last Saturday I went to my very first protest
I joined some animal lovers and vegan friends from PETA
We went to protest against this International Bacon Festival
Now, that I more conscientious of animal issues
that I have been vegan for a longer period of time
I thought I could do a bit more than just stop eating animals
I think I can try to help friends, family and others
to understand the tremendous pain that animals suffer
when living in farming factories and when slaughtered brutally

I got to meet some really nice vegan people (see below)
and I will surely meet them again when I can join to protest
the atrocity that is going on in our planet.

Morrissey from The Smitsh would be proud of my sign!

All to help these beautiful creatures that are so abused

a group of new lovely friends, all animal activists

the complete group of animal activists

If you would like more information on how to go vegetarian or vegan
Check this amazing website Mercy for Animals
You can download a Vegetarian Starting Guide for FREE! Here