Tuesday, September 30, 2008

migraine day

another semi-lost day
couldn't make it to work

{maddening symptoms}

and i say semi-lost
'cause the 2nd half of the day
felt slightly better
still headache and exhaustion
but was able to see

One Wonderful Sunday
post-II World War Kurosawa's film

a day-long relate on the life of two young
and very broke couple in Tokyo
a wonderful early white and white photography
and a lovely pair of young actors
and with the theme of the
Schubert's Unfinished Symphony
i felt like playing the piano again

please delight yourself
1' 30" is when the delight starts

maybe i will go buy myself a piano soon
maybe a used cheap small one
when i used to play piano as a kid
the 2nd piece i ever played 'live' in a recital
when i was 14, i think? was the theme
of this symphony, i guess that's why every time
i hear Schubert, i want to play one day again
serious old-fashioned classic piano
which the only kind of music i ever played
just Mozart, Chopin, and good old deaf Beethoven
the last piece i was studying before
industrial design university took over my life
was the Malageña of Lecuona
a classical for semi-advanced students
i didn't play it as well as this kid
and i still needed the music sheet
but oh well, surely these days i can barely
recognize printed music, but it would be
just so nice to do it again

OK it wasn't such a lost day after all
paranoia and worries come to my mind
for missing unexpectedly a day from work
but at least i watch a good film today
and got a distant dream recovered

and in a very different taste [mood]
but invariably when i fell victim
of a stupid migraine i remember
the adventures of the migraine boy

Monday, September 29, 2008


Monday morning
woke up
fatigued already
daily-early bathroom-mirror
check up

three more little gray hairs
on my left temple
from last night to this morning
and on my hair so naturally dark
show these gray attempts of
maturity as flashy displays

and every time
I put some lip stick on
little lines of deeper color
get trapped
on the small wrinkles
that are growing deeper
around my mouth

ahhh, the magic of aging
one’s body feels so different
after almost 40 years of use and misuse

surely I haven’t find my user’s manuals
‘cause aches and pains on this body
and little twitches keep on flourishing
like a menace
unstoppable as
the trace of time is

but i am glad to see
that the deepest marks on my face
are those lines one draws while smiling
around the mouth
around the eyes but
those are good-earned
proud-to-wear wrinkles

time time time
and i wonder how i will look
at age 80
if i make it

probably a smiling, short
and little chubby
white-haired with a bun
on the top of the head
funny-looking mexican old lady

Sunday, September 28, 2008

presidential debate

last Friday i watched the 1st presidential debate
between Senators Obama and McCain

I am truly afraid of McCain!
It is just scary to hear his international politics and strategics
and it is just scary to even see him
his attitude and old-fashioned close-mindlessness
his KGB stories, and his POW stale tales

God helps this country if the republicans win again
I truly hope that American people get over this war
and vote for Obama

war and violence are so 20th century!
material richness and over-acquisition is so overrated!

i cannot wait for peace to take over this world
for Americans and other warrior power-trippy countries
to get into their populations true moral values

i cannot wait for rich people to become an old stupid fashion
and for humility and good natured intentions to become again the sign of how a good being is, not how big is your car

so anyway enough of my mad ranting
and hippie dreams of less social unfairness
and here judge for yourself

which of these men has a more 'positive' over all
point of view of the world
who will fit better into this 21th century
who thinks of 'talking' and not just keep on fighting and supporting a nuclear war

and yes!! we are 'the' super-humans
we have conquered nature and animal kingdoms
we can kill buffaloes with 1 single gun shot
and we have the power to destroy the world about 20 times
with our super nuclear weapons
we are really clever!!!
and i just ask always myself
wouldn't 1 time of destroying the earth will be enough?

if McCain gets into the power
sadly, I see a catastrophe coming into this country
and another catastrophe looming over this world

why humans can relate to people like Bush or McCain?
don't they have relatives??? I cannot believe
Bush daughters don't point him how much of an asshole he is!
I cannot believe these power-tripping men have NO families
to point at them: "hey Dad, or husband, you are sending your own soldiers to die, you are killing our country"... when it comes to politicians, I have never trusted, many of them raise into power and go crazy... OK, but why nobody around them stop them? for me, worse than Hitler (an extreme example here) were the ones who supported him, the guy was psycho indeed, but, why all his followers followed him? the scary part are the supporters... I truly trust that American people will open their eyes and forget about McCain and Bush and start trusting the world again

so much for a political Sunday morning


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alles Gute

wünsche ich dir
Auf für immer wie heute

Herr Thilo,
Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
Happy Birthday to you!
¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

& many years of many of your wunderbare 'clicks'

Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn spiralling in G-Schlüssel

the Summer is officially over
and the 1st day of Autumn
left me Spiralling down
on a

bass clef
clave de Fa

still i carry around my wrist
a small enough joyful remainder
with a little white flower
and i dream of now distant days
of desert days, with red rocks
and soundly open smiles
it all sounded deep and strong
like in

treble clef
clave de Sol

today the Fall felt and the whole day
i sneezed, a hay-feverish day
head stuffed, heart in complain

so a
spiralling its tune down

'cause spiralling in
i can fall deep in melancholia
and the Autumn celebrate

just spiralling
just spiralling with
ambiguous, darkish, melancholic
but beautiful and poetic mister
Antony and The Johnsons
and so on
here a song...
spirall yourself along

will see mister Antony and the Johnsons with the
Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra
this coming October
and we'll spiralling down
i am sure it will be a rather different experience

Sunday, September 21, 2008

sunny quiet Sonntag

today was one of those
lovely quiet Sundays

[and during the cooking of das Frühstück, a beloved voice came through, filling the eggs' recipe with joy]

an introspective day
with quiet home shores
the smell of laundry and the soft sun
reminded me of the peace

[i did laundry and realized i have way too many light green clothing (?)]

that peaces that seems to hide in between home-cooked meals
and quiet afternoons smelling of books and tea

slowly one can feel
the hot turbulence of the Summer
surrendering to the more calmed
languid moods of the Autumn

and slowly on this lazy late Summer, i can feel
as i contemplate shadows through my window

the memoir of your soft kiss
and the birds fly around again
in a little dizzy bliss

a sunny Sonntag sneaky feeling

Saturday, September 20, 2008

por las mañanas

morgens passieren
mornings happen
las mañanas ocurren

"All is worthwhile if the soul is not small."
-Fernando Pessoa

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, a lateish September night

and finally
the 1st time in a while
a Friday night
un cántaro y tequila
the top of my fridge
& my little plant

this night smells
of warm September summer
of water with clay
and of memoirs of guests
die Herren, later, my mom

teas, smiles, roads, besos
and laughs
this summer is fading away
but not the days in my heart
and summers will come
along with bread, trees, breeze, and wine

and yes
it's been a while
but as always
am back

and restart as left
to my 1st words plastered here
in this warm September night

Disclaimer: this post is designed to be read while drinking some good refreshing beverage, either a hot fresh tea, a cold Bier, a glass of good French red wine, little sips of Tequila, or a lemonade w/sparkling water, ...worst case