Friday, February 16, 2007

mi amigo: the grasshopper

this grasshopper

lives in my front little patio
for a while now
probably over a month
i see him mostly on the weekends
on that big palm
and when i water the plants, he jumps
by the chair or besides the palm
and waits until i am done watering
as i close the water hose... he jumps right away back
to his house the big green palm
i am sure it is the same grasshopper because
every time i see him
it is a little bigger...
my aunt said she saw him too
a strange & neat keeper to my front door
mi amigo the grasshopper
i must confess , i look forward seeing him on the weekends
he eats parts of the palm
sometimes, when i don't see him
i check the palm, if there's a hole in it
is that mister grasshopper had already his lunch


photography: time & light... Life.

ah! after many months of struggle to decide on a new camera
I got, at least for the moment, a new one
I wasn't really get into film these days but I found a beautiful in mint state
Nikon Nikkormat EL, almost new... original case
I couldn't resist... before getting it
I played with my old Zenit a little [photos]
film is tough and requires lots of patience and like all analog
media is moody and impractical
yet... when a film photo comes out nice
is like the melody of pure visual poetry

yeah! here samples of the film moodyness struggle

I embrace photography
I think
because encloses the essence of two magic elements
in nature/universe
2 mysteries that have capture always my heart and mind:
time and light (energy)


thank god for friends over-seas willing to share!
before Jaime & Monki have sent me neat packages
from Spain and Seattle
but a couple of days ago
i got a yellow padded folder from Vienna via mister Magnus!
i requested some stickers but ah! neat surprise
a beautiful screen printed long sleeve t-shirt!
and some very handy stickers (heh heh)...

click here to help the cause of an American Roboexotica
and cheers!
Danke schön Magnus