Friday, January 25, 2008


for the good old times...

and my 2 bags are long-gone

keine pandas für mir :(

RESERVED for photography

and as always
und immer
has been my soulful escape
a wonderful remedy!

so to cure this bad mood
schlecht gelaunt
and silly jealousness
the complete recipe
that i prescribe myself ror tonight is

1. a beer (Pacífico, the mexican "pilsner")
2. fake chinese food
3. this photo of parking lot back on 2007
a lonely Saturday

and whatever to whatever with the rest...

strange Friday und schlecht gelaunt

this day went all over the place

started a nice Friday
on the high-side
getting tickets for Coachella 2008!
and the idea of a wonderful visitor

all was fine.
in spite of my fish sickness
it was midday and the sun shined a little

but then all started to come down

this controversial monstrous machine
of communication that we humans have built
the internet
brought me unpleasant surprises
this internet that has provided hours of joy
and valuable human information exchange
has many times gave me doubts
and reminds me of old pains...
has come back with its bitter taste
just a 'whatever' feeling about it

and anyway, i have worse problems
than this feeling of doubt and bad mood
with my little sick fish
and the guilt of if trying to cure him
or to let him go
the euthanasia question raises in my mind
in such a little specimen such a little fish
but still a reflection of the entity we all
living beings are
then and again when i see my fish suffering
how long to see if he gets better shall i wait?

and how much shall i trust in my luck again?

2008 started swell
but something on the air that night
told me this will be an intense year
i don't read the stars properly and my
pretentious astrology words and knowledge is null

but i am a woman
so i believe in instincts and "corazonadas"
in auguries, and femenine presages
in Weissagung, die Ahnung...

i am a woman and we have a chip installed
for those things...

boredom die Langeweile
the root of some many human tragedies
but... what when one can't play?

that 2008 would be a wonderful year
but in an intense sort of way
with high-highs but to be
aware of low-lows

seems that the action of life
and for so on of death
are in full motion
these days

it's magic it's life
it's jealousy and it's love
it's the beauty and the horror mixed
but, isn't that the way they come
always together anyway?
entrancing one with the other
like two twisted lovers when they don't know
if the other one has come to an end...

but i end on a bad mood this Friday
and my fish is still sick
so... f**k!
the 1st one of 2008
and notice i am so web-polite
that prefer the use of *
to spell it all out

i am part of the problem
i know! keine solution from me

and to end it all
for better nor/or worse
the word of the day
yesterday was
nolens volens
sounds like a joke
a bad one!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


really sad tonight
my fish Kiyo has been sick
don't know if he's getting better or not...

i've taken pictures and find out a great deal
on the internet about Betta fishes
if i only knew before those things...

just sad tonight
hoping my fish will get fine

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sábado, step-by-step

mein Samstag in zwölf Schritten
my Saturday in twelve steps
my Sábado en doce pasos

1. an early visitor - loud singing bird

2. my neighbor's cat, britney, she visits me on the weekends and seats at the front steps of my door

3. britney trying to sneak into my house, again...

4. early blooming in the entrance little plants, an early spring?

5. new leaf of a little plant i rescued in 2007, it's growing!

6. my new tea warmer arrived in a very neat box

7. peppermint cut leaf organic tea and black ceylon pettiagalla

8. another little bird - outside my kitchen window having his Nektar-Mittagessen

9. time for the new tea warmer test

10. und später... a second tea warmer test

11. finished reading Carlos Ruiz Zafón's 'Marina'

12. and the book, even though is in Spanish, came all the way from here with me

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

old lady shoes

meine alte Jungfer schuhe

i got these shoes while my mom was here
this past December 2007
she, or we, were in the frenzy x-mas shopping
the shoes were on sale!
really cheap for some fake liz clairbone shoes
not that i care for brands but i do like the nice NOT leather
and nice built on a pair of shoes
they were my size
and the most important part
they are very comfortable for walking
and perfect fit for the office...

anyway, they were on sale
they were 'somehow' my style
flat, moccasin, black conservative shoe

but today, that i finally wore them for the 1st time
oh, they really look old-fashioned...
and i know i am getting to be an old-lady
reading Agatha Christie mysteries and
crackling laugh... but
damn looking at my feet today with the old-lady shoes
and these gray tights, really made me feel
like an old lady, but a happy silly one

i always figured i could end up
like one of these ladies that like mysteries
like legendary Miss Marple
or at least like Jessica Fletcher!
the "Murder, she wrote"
by Angela Lansbury
i would be flattered if i do!!
oh my role models heh heh

by now just at least
i already have
1. the old-fashioned detective literary taste
2. the old maid shoes

what's next?

Monday, January 14, 2008

too much Baumkuchen?

not sure if one can have much of this
wonderful german cake

oh baumkuchen!

but i ate almost a whole 1
this weekend and then
and i was so lazy!
couldn't and didn't
do too much for 2 whole days
initiative abandoned me
and if any appeared
was just to call for more

mmm? took over my will
the darn great cake

and strange...
'cause then at the touch
of caffeine this Monday morning

i had a free-way drive
full of epiphanies
yellow epiphanies over
dark gray freeway 15 pavement

colors and rays of light
as i drove

crumbs, and sweets, and breads
to exchange for your soft real embrace

gray pavement
and more yellow lights
as i will drive again

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Düsseldorf Flughafen

ein regnerischer Morgen am Düsseldorfer Flughafen
4 Januar 2008 - 7.26.50 AM

a rainy morning at Düsseldorf Airport
January 4th, 2008 - 7.26.50 AM

una mañana lluviosa en el Aeropuerto de Düsseldorf
4 de Enero del 2008 - 7.26.50 AM

and this scene, same airport
many many years ago
from an Artikel at
Das Magazine a free publication for travellers
of the Düsseldorf airport
rather interesting men fashion those days...

1955 Heile Welt
Deutsche Pfadfinfer kehren am 30. August mit einer KLM DC-4 vom Weltpfadfindertreffen an den Niagarafällen nach Düsseldorf zurück.

Friday, January 11, 2008

"... der Himmel ist blau..."

here my favorite song from this
growing-on-me album
Jazz ist Anders

die Ärzte, in my car...

and the ala zombie video of Junge

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


the feeling of today
worried, uneasy
at my own home

a strange episode last night
and i was reminded of the fragility of life

just as i was feeling settled again here
with mister/herr/señor Kiyo who is back at home!
and his new friend meine luminous Eidechse...

Kiyo, his mirror, and his new luminous friend Eidechse

and then some episodes
you just don't see them coming
accidents, and other violent matters
occur just like that

and to confess, i am afraid
the quintessential German word
die Angst
takes over my dorsal spine
one vertebrae at the time

as related the story of last night
episode's this morning, came to my mind
this scene from
"The Night of the Hunter"

"It's a hard world for little things..."

creepy, but an excellent film
from 1955, don't miss it!
Robert Mitchum as the bad guy...

Kiyo and his traveling house

Monday, January 07, 2008


long monday.
windows vista installed at work.

(but at least)
got the Adobe CS3 Web Premium.

oh that means Photoshop CS3.

jet-lag a bit still.

petit monday blues

'cause san diego is this morning
covered by mist and rain

i have to come into work again

'cause the wonderful Urlaub is over

is why i have this monday melancholy today
but it is a petit, mild melancholy

like a sweet memory afar
of a nice fragrance, of a happy smell

the kind of melancholy
that almost feel comfortable
like a gray spongy pillow
a melancholy that is nice...

Sunday, January 06, 2008

feliz año nuevo 2008

Frohes Neues Jahr!
Happy New Year!
¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

i think is not too late for this post
wishing a happy new year if you come across here

i know that what cross this wintry german sky is
just a plane
but my little soul got tricked into the belief
that is a falling star!
eine Sternschnuppe...
loaded with warm wishes of love and peace
for this new year

i wish that a falling star
crosses your sky too
and drops on her way
for you some warm dreams

y... ¡Salud!