Saturday, August 30, 2014


Today, a year ago, I went to my 1st protest,
I became an animal rights activist
at the bacon festival,
I am so thankful for all the
wonderful compassionate people
I have met in 1 year,
and all have learned about animals
and how terribly we treat them.
As we asked the people today at the bacon festival,
please just make an informed
decision for all your choices,
learn how animals are treated for food,
for clothing, for entertainment,
and make the right choice for them,
for you, and this planet,
always cause the least amount of suffering.

And remember what activism is about
Always do something
Do not follow the masses or what is convenient
Nor what you have been told to do
Search for the truth
Learn how things really work
And DO something to leave this planet
A better place than you found it!