Tuesday, May 01, 2007

home-made cappuccino

& since i am already chronologizing
(one gotta chronologize the stupidity now & then)
here this photo of my Monday morning cappuccino!

I make these cappuccinos with the help
of my stove-top espresso machine here

1. i heat milk in a pot
2. before it starts boiling, i reduce the heat & blend while heating with old-fashioned hand blender, for about 1 minute
3. serve some milk & with a spoon some foam into a cup
4. slowly pour a shot (or more heh heh heh) of the espresso, wait until it separates in 2 layers...

oh! i didn't have a transparent mug before!
so i've been drinking these cappuccinos for a while
but didn't know how they look!

until i got this mug for $1.99
my cappuccinos got the double layer going on!
oh well &
5. sprinkle some grounded cinnamon on top, for the *starbucks* effect

mmm, can't wait to be tomorrow morning! to wake up myself to one of these

macetas May 1st

tonight, may 1st
out of the blue i got this weird nice energy
after the gym (this doesn't sound like me... gym?)
well, after the gym
about 7.20pm
i realized i wanted to go to home depot
one of my favorite stores!
i can get lost there for hours
ah, building materials, wood & carpentry stuff

but i went to the garden section this time...

i got 2 little plants w/flowers over the weekend
and i needed the "macetas" (containers, in spanish)
and some soil... the earth is made out of soil!
the natural *floor* of our beloved planet is soil!

yet... you have to pay $6.49 at home depot for 16 QT
i merrily paid, and got the 2 macetas too

came home and planted these 2 guys
my new friends!
hope they behave OK and that they like their new space

i think i have a case of full moon/flower fever?
& but it was a nice way to start this month