Tuesday, August 12, 2008


"We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about."
- Einstein

Today I found this Einstein quote in the page of a great programmer, mister Paul Graham, and I posted it here because I felt a little “enthusiastic” about it and a little “enthusiastic” about posting something in this lately somehow abandoned blog, and yes! because I agree that either wealth nor sumptuousness nor idleness move a soul or the world, but exactly the feeling of fervor, passion, or gusto we feel towards something or not…

Therefore, the pursuit of art, of knowledge, a lifetime of not-yet-acquired-enlightenment-chasing...

Today with an Einstein quote and while reading mister Paul Graham, the little creative worm in my head had sprung again, after this long beloved vacation, I am getting ready to learn again, and to read, and to be enthusiastic about those little things you can't buy nor share, the drive to take a picture, or write a sentence, or compose a tune, those desires are intimately shaped in the intimacy of one's own soul
and so they are these
Tuesday night reflection's
lost in this World-Wide-Web

Cheers to you!
und Prost!
y ¡Salud! también

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Tiffany's wedding

warm breeze and fresh love
melted today in a summer August afternoon
at the Balboa park

Tiffany and Andrew's lovely wedding
that smelled of sweet lemon and white chocolate cake
with fresh-apple-scented young smiling love

not 23 but...

das Meer
the sea
el mar

under the pier, Ocean Beach - San Diego, California

[click on the photo for 'the' full size effect]

[frustated notes of a finally-coming-back
photographer with a dead site]

i am not sure what is going on
with 23hq.com but i cannot upload
JPG format?
und hier

Friday, August 08, 2008

unser gemeinsamer Sommer

unser gemeinsamer Sommer
our Summer together
nuestro verano juntos

i spent almost 3 weeks on vacation
i haven't taken a vacation this long in many years
i shared my time with 2 wonderful German guests

the turns and twists of USA
its freeways and highways took us
to Arizona, the Grand Canyon
and then Nevada, Las Vegas
and all around Southern California

here one of my favorite fotos
from the trip
the border between Arizona & California
where it all seemed to have started

magic wonderful times!
a Summer to remember
this of 2008

and now my heart beats
with a different rhythm
one slightly stucked
i have a bad case of
the Thilo's blues

a missing feeling
yet a distant smile
to warm up and cuddle
when comes the night