Thursday, May 24, 2012

new casa

i've been living in my new home for about 6 months
but somehow it still feels new
every day that goes by, i am thankful to life and my mom
for being able to live in such a lovely little place

i love art but these days i cannot afford buying a lot of it
so i find comfort on having 'original' art

the idea of having 'original' art started with a gift from my friends
m&m... they enlarged and framed this photo of Herr Gato
as my house warming gift
the picture looked nice but it was missing a companion! so i enlarged a photo of a tree i took in Germany while visiting Herr Thilo
here is a link to the original photograph,

i also try to keep only natural plants in my home
a lovely orchid and some older plants i brought from the older home
and then i have this lovely enlargement that Insky sent me a while ago
both the Insky and the Herr Gato are originals too

for my bedroom these photos i took a while ago from  Julian