Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween at work

Halloween fun with coworkers!
the witches of CASAS
Cute co-worker
Dead fingers, these were 'accidentally' vegan
Do you recognize me?
Sadly not all the food was vegan, but I brought Meatless Meatballs with BBQ and there was a Sweet Potato chili vegan!
Caramel apple station
Cowgirl with caramel apple instead of gun
I have more co-workers but these are the brave ones who had customs

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Food Revolution Film

Every second in the U.S. 300 animals are killed
300, 600, 900, 1200... we can stop this.
Food Relovution Film by Thomas Torelli
Support this project here we need this film out.
Please watch the trailer here.

Choosing food with awareness is a revolutionary act that can change the world.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Hurricane Patricia, Global Warming, Animal Agriculture and Man-made Climate Change

A letter (e-mail) to my co-workers:

All this talk about hurricane Patricia being the strongest recorded in history adds to the concern of  animal welfare, human welfare, and the future of our planet…
“Scientists have linked the global ocean temperature departures from average to manmade global warming, in addition to El Niño.”

On manmade global warming and climate change: The meat industry (chickens, pigs, cows, dairy, eggs) is number 1 cause of global warming, 51% of greenhouse emissions are coming from animal agriculture.

“Livestock and their byproducts account for at least 32,000 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, or 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions.”

This is more than all transportation: planes, trains, cars, COMBINED.

Goodland, R Anhang, J. “Livestock and Climate Change: What if the key actors in climate change were pigs, chickens and cows?”

Every minute, 7 million pounds of excrement are produced by animals raised for food in the US.
This doesn’t include the animals raised outside of USDA jurisdiction or in backyards, or the billions of fish raised in aquaculture settings in the US.
All that excrement is polluting our rivers and creating ocean dead zones. There is a huge problem in North Carolina with hogs and manure.

It is not just about the ‘meat’ or animals we eat, but the water needed to grow the grains they eat, the antibiotics we feed them (70% of all the antibiotics sold in the US are administer to farmed animals) and all the waste the produce that has ‘nowhere’ to go, the energy needed to run slaughterhouses, transportation, freezing of the corpses, etc. etc. etc. Beans and broccoli come from farm to fridge to table, and don’t poop, plant-based protein is more readily and easily digested by our bodies too.

I have read some of Chris Hedges work, I didn’t know he is a vegan:
"I'm a vegan, and I'm a vegan because the animal agriculture industry maybe surpasses the fossil fuel industry in terms of destroying the planet, and you can wake up tomorrow and be a vegan." (don’t have to join Greenpeace and leave your job to fight the fracking industry or Exxon) On California: "And you're enduring this drought. It takes 1,000 gallons of water to make one gallon of milk [source: Water Footprint Network]. And milk's not even good for you. It's made for cows, it's not made for humans. It's made for baby cows. Who we kill."
– Harvard-educated journalist, best-selling author, professor, Amnesty International Global Award for Human Rights Journalism recipient, and member of the team of reporters at The New York Times awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 2002 for the paper’s coverage of global terrorism Chris Hedges of Truthdig
“What We Choose to Eat Is Killing Us and Our Planet”
You can watch the video here, on FB but open to the public
Thanks for reading, there is something we can do every day to help our planet and our health and we can do it 3 times a day, with our forks.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

KFC's Pink Bucket Sad Joke

#KFC #KentuckyFriedChicken #BreastCancer
Kentucky Fried Chicken's Pink Bucket to 'help'
cancer research is the biggest sad joke on women

KFC killing women but using pink buckets

Chicken, even skinless and boiled is the top 5
Cancer causing food... so yes, KFC better give
a lot of money to the cancer patients, since they are
make them sick on the 1st place!
Here the rest of big offenders:
Foods with most saturated fat
Watch NutritionFacts.Org video:

Chickens are also the most abused animals in factory farms!
and the most misleading "health" food out there.
Read why Chickens are NOT health food 
As see how these poor intelligent charming creatures are treated

If you really want to prevent breast cancer, any type of cancer,
diabetes and heart disease
eat a whole plant-based diet
a healthy non-processed vegan diet.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015

Flesh of your Flesh (article)

Flesh of Your Flesh

Humans say they love animals...
but they eat them.
The abuse them in so many ways.

Please act accordingly, make sense
and Stop Eating Them
Wearing Them
Experimenting on Them
Laughing at Them
Betting on Them
Live Vegan.

This year, Americans will consume some thirty-five million cows, a hundred and fifteen million pigs, and nine billion birds.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

I, Chicken and Vegan Outreach at Balboa Park

Today was a great day! #VeganOutreach #IChicken #PETA #BalboaPark
I got to work with my dear friend Ellen for the animals
we leafleted hundreds of materials
Vegan Outreach Compassionate Choices,
Vegan Starter Kits from PETA
Truth or Drought leaflets (which I proudly designed)
SeaWorld information (anti-captivity anti-SeaWorld)
and FARM's You Have Been Lied To (please read these leaflets the have the most complete information on all the natural resources used for every animal we eat, it is very eye-opening to see this!)
People were kind and receptive today!
Me and Ellen at Balboa Park, our favorite place for vegan outreach
At the park were also our friends from PETA
with the exhibit "I, Chicken"
a fantastic virtual reality experience and lets you
see how chickens are taken from an open field
into a cage, and eventually a conveyor where
they will be killed.
The video is cartoon-like and is not gory at all,
there is no blood or violent images, so it's apt for children.
PETA did a great job, read more about it.
The I, Chicken team traveled from Los Angeles to educate about chickens and animal suffering
My dear friend Izabela, vegan, activists and music fan, we saw Morrissey together! #MozArmy
Christopher Locke, author of Persimmon Takes on Humanity
Brian, Mexican American super cool vegan activist and girl watching I, Chicken
People were really interested on the experience and understood how chickens felt in cages and conveyor belts

Friday, October 16, 2015

National Feral Cat Day, October 16. Help a cat!

Today is National Feral Cat Day
Please help today, and every day, a cat in need.
I have so many stories to share...
but the rescue of Lucky is the closest to my heart.
This feral or abandoned or stray cat that Herr Gato
brought home a while ago...
you can read the entire story I blogged some years ago
He lives happily now adopted by my two dear friends
Mione and Perro.

Please adopt and help a feral cat!
Here another story of that gorgeous silver tabby
who I was very lucky to find a home for!

Lucky before being rescued and adopted
Lucky after a couple of months living at a loving home
and the silver tabby!
Read his story here

Thursday, October 15, 2015

fotos de TVs en Autlán

Late night
sleep won't come
well, fine!
Looking at these old pictures I took
back in 2007, yes, México,
and yes, mi Autlán,
where I spent my childhood summers
my mom's hometown.
Can't to go back and photograph.
Not the TVs but the Mexican land...
Autlán, Autlán...

las televisiones rotas de Autlán
Mini-componentes T.V. Servicio

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Almonds Are Not The Problem, Eating Animals Is

This is the latest graphic I designed with Lorelei's research
for our grassroots campaign Truth or Drought
where we make the connection between animal agriculture
and the California (and world-wide) droughts
The meat and dairy industry have created a campaign
to vilify almonds, calling them the #1 water consumers...
but of course almonds are NOT the problem
Animal Agriculture is... there are several articles online
where you can check these numbers.
And our sources are clear...

And from an ethical point of view, remember
almonds don't suffer when separated from their mothers
so humans can drink their milk (my homemade almond milk)
nor they suffer for years while living in horrible factory farms
nor scream in agony & pain when being slaughtered

So eat almonds, they are good for you,
drink almond milk, almond ice-cream,
have an Amaretto, but please
Do Not Eat Animals or their secretions
that is what is destroying the planet,
and killing billions of innocent beings.

There are some things money can't buy (like water when it's gone).
For everything else, there's veganism.
Meme for Truth or Drought

Bernie and Hillary

I am NOT into politics,
because I think most politicians are crooks
& that the political system is controlled by a few rich people
but then Bernie Sanders appeared,
and suddenly, there is hope...
I watched the Democratic debate last night
against my better judgement,
but then again I am a registered Democrat
and I am ready for Hillary Clinton to be our next president
or even better... Bernie Sanders, I am really liking this man!
Bernie Sanders on him not being a billionaire and not
part of the Casino Capitalism, please watch this!
My favorite parts of this debate (thank you YouTube)
Hillary on paid-leave, women's rights, & Planned Parenthood
(thank you for mentioning Planned Parenthood Hillary!)
A must watch!
And the political Gato, Herr Gato, makes a comeback,
he meows: is OK to vote this time, but only for Bernie or Hillary

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Morrissey in Ecuador

Busy days
hectic days
a doctor's appointment today
will determine if the knife will get to my belly
or not... pondering, will it be a deep cut?
smiler with knife?

I wish, if I could
transport myself to Ecuador
to see beloved Morrissey
on that November 7th
to his sentences of humanity, of love, and un-love
and to dream to the sound of his voice (his voice)
of planet with NO pain
where animals are NOT on plates
and there is no sickness, and just joy.

Public transportation in Ecuador, taken from
A dusty public bus in Ecuador, even there, Morrissey's name, face, and voice, brings hope.
addendum from twitter:
300ep of grand podcast @ourhenhouse vegan mom my vegan 6-year-old son favorite song's #MeatIsMurder & ♥'s #Morrissey

Monday, October 12, 2015

Get Vegucated, Go Vegan

#ForksOverKnives #Vegucated
This weekend I was trapped at home not feeling so great
It was almost a 100° F outside and very dry.
Dry heat gives me migraines, so I stayed in, closed blinds.
My companions weren't that thrilled either.
Frau Kitty slept a lot on a position that clearly stated
Please, Do Not Disturb.
Frau Kitty says: Do not disturb...
Being inside I had time to re-watch these influential
documentaries, I recommend everybody to watch.
I watch them at the beginning of my vegan lifestyle journey
Forks Over Knives, is packed with rational information
on why we are much better off health-wise on eating
an whole plant based diet (a good link for starters).
How all the sickness that is brought to our bodies
when eat animals makes this way of eating a bad choice

My favorite documentary is still Vegucated

because this film is what actually offered to me a door
into becoming a vegan... the film follows 3 people
from New York City into the challenge of becoming vegan
for 6 weeks... I really appreciate that this documentary
offers a view into the horrible conditions on how
animals for food 'live' and the terrifying deaths they suffer,
it also takes a look at the environmental disaster
that is the meat industry, and talks about health too.

Vegucated is a 'lighter' version of many other vegan documentaries
and the fact that follows every-day people from different
backgrounds and different daily lives makes it
very easy to relate to, as the time-frame of the challenge

So it was about 3 years ago, after watching Vegucated
that I decided to take the 'challenge'
I never ate too much meat or animal products
but of course I had some parmegian cheese at home
and some eggs... I ate the little cheese left
and after a couple of days threw away the eggs,
and then I didn't buy any more animal products,
when going to restaurants I started choosing
vegan options, and luckily we have so many
vegan restaurants in San Diego...
I still clearly remember the 1st time I willingfully
deny the offer to eat a hamburger at a friend's bbq
and the first time I said no to a b-day cake at the office
that had eggs and cream...

My transition wasn't painful at all!
Right away I found so many food substitutes
from vegan hotdogs, to veggie burgers, to 'chick'n'
in many flavors and styles, it does taste like chicken!
My migraines became less frequent and less strong
I lost some weight, and my mind and soul felt lighter, clearer
happier!! Is like I got rid of this weight over my shoulders!
My asthma improved and my hormonal status too.
It was been about 3 years of me ditching animals
and I cannot think of ever eating or wearing an animal ever again.
Vegan Super Italian Meatball Sub with Sausage Seitan from Native Foods Cafe
My only regret regarding veganism is not having done it sooner
in life! Live a wonderful healthier guilt-free compassionate life
Go Vegan, try it for a couple of weeks, or months.
I am sure you will never go back to eat animals
(as a piece of advice, if you ever eat a piece of animal
don't blame yourself and go back to eating vegan,
also indulge in vegan treats when needed... I remember
at the beginning of my vegan journey craving hamburgers
so I just bought veggie burgers instead with a good dose
of french fries and ketchup, maybe not so healthy
but at least I wasn't hurting an animal or our planet,
confession: I still indulge in a lot of processed food
now & then, vegan junk food, but I do love food
vegan food that is, and all you eat, you can find a vegan version of)

Great article:
5 Netflix documentaries that will turn you Vegan

Friday, October 09, 2015

No more captive breeding for orcas at SeaWorld

#SeaWorld #NoBreeding #CaptivityKills
Yesterday (10/8/15) the California Coastal Commission
had a 10 hour meeting with SeaWorld, pro-SeaWorld public
and concerned animals rights activists.
SeaWorld was asking approval to build a bigger tank
for the orcas held captive in San Diego, project Blue World
this apparently sounds like a good thing for the orcas.
But what SeaWorld really wanted was to get this bigger tank
full with MORE orcas, that they will get by keep on breeding
the orcas they already captured or bred before...

After 10 long hours of the CCC listening to both sides,
hundreds of testimonies from scientists and concerned public
for the welfare of the orcas, the CCC decided to Yes to the project
but with a major 'catch' (amendment):
SeaWorld can build their bigger tank, but will NOT be allowed
to house more than the 11 orcas already living in SeaWorld San Diego
nor they will be able to breed them or to bring orcas from other parks!

California Tells SeaWorld to Stop Breeding Killer Whales

This is a victory for orcas, since this will stop the artificial insemination
program, they way orcas are bred in SW, and won't allow more
of these majestic animals to be born to miserable conditions
and to spend their entire lives in tanks.

More news here

Pleases sign this important petition:
Let’s End the Captivity of Orcas in California!

I wasn't able to attend the meeting in Long Beach because of work
but many of my dear friends animals rights activists were there!
And lovely Pamela Anderson, great animal rights activist & vegan
Hundreds of compassionate activists speaking for the end of captivity for orcas at SW
Pamela Anderson and Ellen Ericksen (organizes SW protests in SD) other activists before the meeting
Genesis, this girl fights for animals since she was 5 years old! Read her story.
Martha Sullivan, great activist in San Diego and friend
Joseph Moreno, another kid that knows compassion from an early age.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Paul Weller, extraordinaire.

Last night I got to see Paul Weller in concert
at the North Park Observatory.
I am not a Paul Weller connoisseur,
I knew a couple of songs by The Jam
the superb That's Entertainment of course...
and some by The Style Council
also knew that mister Weller is a Brit legend

I was so gladly surprised!
You can tell with the first chords that you are attending
a high class concert and listening to 30+ years
of experience musicians.
Seeing Steve Cradock playing guitar was such a treat,
I can easily say he is one of the best guitarists alive.

No more words, images and sounds from last night.

The Observatory North Park is booking the best shows in town, thank you!
The Modfather Paul Weller himself!
Steve Cradock, one of the best guitarists ever!
Paul Weller band, professionals and so fun, great musicians!

and a little video!
more videos on my YouTube channel

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

March Against Extinction

I am thankful to have helped with the design
for the March Against Extinction in Los Angeles for 2015.
Dedicated activists and friends Brenda Calvillo and Ellen Ericksen
organized the march this year. I wasn't able to attend but
I volunteered by designing the banner design and poster.
Please check this list of animals who are:
endangered, threatened, and vulnerable status.
Write letters to your representatives.
Educate people on how eating farmed animals puts
wild animals on verge of extinction.

March Against Extinction banner displays some of the animals with extinction status

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Cruel Britannia by Morrissey

Please Morrissey's post Cruel Britania
Read with your heart, mind, and soul.

And stop eating animals. #Morrissey

Animals don't deserve this treatment, they have the same right to live as you & me.