Sunday, April 09, 2017

Vegan biscotti and life gifts

Life gives you little surprises. I met Nancy 2 years ago at the vegan Thanksgiving potluck, she lives around the corner of my house. Many times I wondered when we would run into each other. A little background, I have been stressed, angry, sick, and disappointed the past couple of weeks (mostly at the world, you know? Politics, people eating animals 😡). But after talking to my dear friend Izabela, I had a switch of heart, kindness, spirituality, metaphysics, all the things that were really important to me in Mexico City started coming back to me... so what happens? I walk out my door and there is Nancy with one of her older pugs. I recognized the EG letters on her tee under her sweatshirt, the full message was VEGAN. So we talked and reconnected, I was on my way out but when I came back home, she left me a beautiful box with homemade baked vegan biscotti, I haven't had biscotti since I became a vegan. So life reminded me that I have a more positive view, which btw is more in my nature, gifts will be given 💓

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Too much pain and suffering

56,000,000,000 Animals will die yearly for our pleasure since we don’t need to eat animals to survive & thrive.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Little Hummingbird

A lovely little hummingbird
made his nest on an avocado tree in our courtyard
he is so fragile and precious!
Please love and appreciate life.
Do not hurt, eat, or kill anybody.