Saturday, July 07, 2007


as the dusk
washes away with its darkness
the colors of these burning days
a creature of non-sleep
crawls slowly on my head, on my soul
and places itself
in the back of my neck

the creature is resilient
now it’s been here for 2 nights
with its 2 respective days

it talks to me in loud voices
in my deaf right ear
where the only thing that enters
is the sound of his infernal count
uno, dos, tres

the loud add-up is the total hours
of this now seemly
eternal night vigil…

the creature
i have figured
is envious of the little joy
existing in my spirit
since the days of summer glory
come closer as steps on my pathway

the creature wants to eat my desires
my wishes
and leaves me every morning
with an empty hollow feeling
lifeless & while
looking at my own reflection
i sadly discover a colorless pale facade
my own tired sleepless self


and to celebrate the mystic 07.07.07 date
7 'new' wonders of the world
are to be announced today
selected by voters online
and not sure how one should feel about that

the original 7 wonders

still remain, but which ones go first?
there are ancient wonders
then natural wonders
and even modern world wonders!
and yet a new list to be announced?

so many wonders! make one wonder
what is truly wonderful?

anyway, if there's a stroke of luck flying around this date
i hope you catch a bit of the good light for your soul
for your life
and have a wonderful 07.07.07