Monday, October 04, 2010

Monday's gray & House's blue

clouds of steel &
mild's the rain

this Monday's gray!

fits the mood for
this House of Leaves
to read again

House of Leaves
Mark Z. Danielewski
an old review

re-reading this claustrophobic book

a haunted house's story
horror enclosed on the lay out
the word House always in blue
and other rather experimental fiction
examples of layout, typography,
and footnotes, a whole different narrative
gives you a second novel here
some photo-examples of the book

the cover, smaller than the rest of the book

not all the book has this lay-out but was the story
goes deeper, so the formatting

photos, polaroids, drawings, letter, and poems
complete the book, various Appendixes and an Index too

diagonal printing

and then more clastrophobia on semi-used pages
with XXX's and some with only 1 word...

if you like experimental fiction, give it a try
the story is good...
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