Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Eternal... rocks!!

after a couple of months of having it
and many times of listening to it...

i can say that i am finally acquainted with
Sonic Youth's The Eternal
all i have to say is: WOW!!

i love ALL of Sonic Youth albums,
yet the latest albums have been OK
i think Murray Street was the last of the
latest favorite albums they put out...
Sonic Nurse and Rather Ripped are good,
but not superb, not for my taste
they are good albums,
but they don't completely "rock"

The Eternal... rocks!!

to confess, since Washing Machine,
i haven't been blown away by them
i've been very happy that they haven't sucked
and that they are still very good
at what they do, in spite of the ripe age...
sure they have appeared in Gilmore Girls
and Gossip Girl TV shows
but they have never disappointed me!!
their solo projects are solo so great!

now The Eternal... is a great Sonic Youth album!!
it tastes like the "old ones", even like Sister!
every single song in The Eternal reminds me of
why Sonic Youth were, are, and will be
my freaking favorite band!!
the album sounds like a lot of Sonic Youth albums, yet like none
each song reminds me of a different stage on the Sonic career
i feel they "consolidated" themselves in this album
there are elements of Sister,
entrances that remind me of Evol
and angry punkness like in Confusion is Sex

The Eternal feels punk, feels trashy, yet polished trash...
it's catchy trash sometimes, but still trash, noisy, and good!
like a rock album should be
it sounds like the good old Sonic Youth from 'back then'
i mean, some hard-core fans could argument that punk
shouldn't be catchy... but wasn't Diamond Sea
a ballad after all??? at least the first 5 minutes of it...
and then, a sea of diamond noises followed
Sonic Youth's best songs have always been catchy
but for me, that's one of the huge accomplishments
to create a song, a melody,
out of those freaking noises and feed-backs
it's the most structured and beautiful noise one can think of...
anyway, i feel about Sonic being old and yet good
as we say in Mexico:
El diablo sabe más por viejo que por diablo.
The devil knows more due to being old than by being the devil...

now i only regret having arrived late to the past show in January
i can't wait to see them live again!...
Lee Ranaldo was barely 5 steps from me
ahhh i wish i was there again!!
and i wish one day i could hug Steve Shelley and tell him
you the best drummer in the world (that is after you Beto!!)
and to Lee, that he's the last of the beat poets
holding a guitar instead of a pen

little sample? Kim Gordon as punk as ever
sings the opener track Sacred Trickster