Tuesday, April 25, 2006

the notorious MSG

with names like
DOWN-LO MEIN (the yello gigolo)
HONG KONG FEVER (the ringleader)
THE HUNAN BOMB (killing machine)

the notorious MSG makes its appearance in this world
these bad kids from China Town New York are here to
rap your steamed buns!
with songs like Dim Sum Girl and Egg Rollin'
they are so funny and they don't care for stereotypes
at all!
of course they are in myspace too

portuguese folk "romerita"

here a little video from the normal heights roots and folk street festival this past weekend
these two handsome men rocked on with their portuguese tunes (this is the only complete song i have, but i have more clips, the festival was a lot of fun, my first one in normal heights)

(unfortunately the video quality from youtube.com is not as great as a movie attached, but hey! they are making a great deal letting one upload such memory suckers as movies are)
what are you waiting for? make your little movies and send them to me, i'll watch...

gates and hu

on the meeting of bill gates (please check his auto-page at microsoft, hmmm?) with chinese president hu jintao here some old news. and it seems that bill does need the mircrosoft's office clip help (here how to get rid of him, just in case) taken from the daily show of jon stewart, comedy central ha-ha still stupid tv attemptthis was funny though

diseño, señor

design, this tea kettle/tea pot from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

read on the magnificent three tea pots

Hay máquinas
you know?
Ya hay máquinas
Para todo hay máquinas

Unas para hacer esto
Otras para hacer aquello

Asi que para que te esfuerzas?
no te rompas la cabeza?
Si puedes quedarte ahí tan fresquesito fresco
Ya hay máquinas, hombre, te dijo, que hacen esto…