Monday, December 31, 2012

adiós 2012

this was an interesting year
a good year
the first year in my new home
finding a more comfortable place at work
enjoyed spending time, mostly with these 3...
my mom, Herr Gato, and lovely Frau Kitty
reading books, listening to music
and mostly, living life...

i wish you all my blogger friends
the best for this 2013, and always
health, love, warmth of heart
and some little money, why not? too!

love you all who are around this blog!

now the infamous 3 from pictures
from these days...

my mom outside my home

Frau Kitty by the window

Herr Gato helping my mom pack her suitcase

Saturday, December 29, 2012

old year's resolution: 1Q84

back in August, i bought 2 books, that actually came as 4,
Julian Barnes' Sense of an Ending, which i finished 3 days after getting it
and Murakami's 1Q84...
the original hard cover novel is something like 900 pages or more,
very ala Infinite Jest
but the lovely paper back,
is divided into three more manageable books,
with colored graphics by Chip Kidd (i wish i had his job...)

today, as my last old year's resolution,
i finally finished the first book, another 2 to go...
but the 'other' and 'this' reality lived by Tengo and Aomame
is worth getting confused by, and yes,
the 1Q84 is a Japanese word-game, and yes,
it has to do with Orwell's 1984... very recommendable so far!

give it a try! and happy 2013...

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

little Christmas tree

the little Christmas tree and the cats
der Weihnachtsbaum und Katzen
el arbolito de Navidad y los gatos

live Christmas Monterey Pine, so a tree won't die! and Herr Gato's look-alike ornament
Frau Kitty enjoying a peaceful morning by the live Christmas tree

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Benedictines of Mary "Advent at Ephesus"

truly beautiful and holy music
the best for this Christmas!
the The Benedictines of Mary "Advent at Ephesus"
really sounds like heaven on Earth
if you buy the album from the sisters' web-page
the funds will go directly to them

Monday, December 03, 2012

December 2012 mom visit

my mom is visiting and we are having fun!
thanks to mister Smorg's recommendation
we went on Saturday to the Handel's Messiah
sing-a-long with the San Diego Master Chorale
it was lovely! (mainly 'cause I didn't sing)

and yesterday we went on a 3 hour walk
to Balboa Park, around and back

it's good to have a fun healthy mom
to walk with!