Thursday, October 03, 2013

vegan and some animal rights activism

after being vegan, and learning so much about the cruelty
the farmed animals, testing animals, and most animals suffer,
even on puppy mills, I decided to take my fight to help animals
a step further, I have been participating in a couple of events...

the suffering of animals on these farm factories is just indescribable
pigs live in small cells where they cannot even turn around
their entire lives!
milking cows are constantly inseminated to keep pregnant
and milking them with machines, standing 24 hours a day
hooked to a machine
their calves are taking immediately from them as they are born
and tied and caged in small cages so they don't grow so they
can be sold as veil meat
chickens live in this tiny cages where they can't expand
their wings, and their beaks are cut without any pain-killers
I didn't know all of this! Now I know and the least I can do
is try to educate my friends and join these protests,
mostly to peace my hurt soul after witnessing so much suffering

please download a vegetarian guide and stop hurting animals
by eating them!

I joined the 
Farmer John Protest on World Day for Farmed Animals
you can check a lot of pictures and footage here  
here just a few pictures
the whole group, about 120 animal rights activists

great compassionate people
me and the poster I made
I also participated on the Campaign To Shutdown Talone's Custom Slaughter
me, to the right with sunglasses looking down at the sign

what I do on the weekends now