Friday, November 23, 2007

der Herbst rund um das Büro

i know this thought of the day
might sound a bit Klischee (cliché) but...

i think is so true and well it is
a Buddha quote after all
and he is one of the 7 mystic ones
along with Hermes Trismegisto, creator of El Kybalion
and Corpus Hermeticum
and the Hermeticism philosophy
but now i am getting into the dark side
let's go back to Buddha's bright one
he said:

Cultivate a friend whose ways are seven:
1. He gives what is hard to give
2. does what is hard to do
3. bears what is hard to bear
4. he confesses his own secrets and keeps your secrets.
5. in times of trouble he does not forsake you, ...
6. and he does not forsake you when you are down.
- Buddha.

the recipe close-up

as nicely asked by mr. hugh
in this post

here a close-up of the recipe
{please click on the photo for a real close up and full-in detail}

it is actually a "Menú"
with the list of mexican dishes
i cooked for my best friend (aka Perro) parents
when they came to San Diego 2 years ago

this dirty piece of paper has been hanging on my fridge
since then! i haven't detach it just 'cause the recipes
are good and the menu came out a success

the Menu included
(images from Google as we ate it all
without pix
1. Ensalada de Nopales
(yes Nopales are those cactus we mexican so much love!)
2. Tinga de Pollo
3. Salsa roja de Tomate
4. Tortillas (fresh-made! ahhh)
i love making fresh hand-made tortillas
5. Agua de Jamaica

it was a nice surprise that mr. Hugh would ask about it!
thank you for your attention to detail

and i know you like Pablo Neruda so you might read a little Spanish?
and this text is in Español as well, so you might be able to re-create
the dishes!... or I can always translate them into English recipes
if requested

the whole menu took about 1 1/2 hr which is not long at all!
for all the dishes we had...