Thursday, May 17, 2007

Le Mystère Picasso

tonight i found on Turner Classic Movies
and as a tribute to 60 years of Cannes Film Festival
(ah! wish i was there...!)

this piece of film
the name is Le Mystère Picasso
a film from 1956
with Picasso painting on the canvas for the camera

rumors say that Picasso and
the director of the film Henri-Georges Clouzot
destroyed the pieces of art after the film was done
in sort of a ritual to make a piece of art of the film itself
yet... other rumors say that the pieces still exist
as part of private collections...

the recording is not very good, sorry!
you can at least enjoy the flamenco singing
& guitar!
& you can barely follow the steps of Picasso
although he's not my favorite painter
this piece on the bullfighter
is amazing to see how he starts
and how his mind and techniques behave
a genius indeed!
the bull how it morphs from picasso traces
to picasso's cubism eye, incredible process

hope this don't disappear soon from my youtube acc
anyhow hurry up to watch now!...
& hold your breath till the end
for a spanish whisper: "... muy bien."

& finale!

oh & is it day 59 or 58 to go? ah!

writing the unintelligent way

the movie, twosome, as dual duality dual
all day all days
music beat tap, freeway noise the back
back louder than front
complexity in numbers
we humans create
we all have to calculate

a radio station and a freeway
those are numbers anyway
the non-traceable human soul
numbers again
bodies without a backwash or a simple mathematical outline
88.3 jazz station raison d'être, the redemption
163 the freeway, taking you closer to frustration

can’t stand up from this chair
a motionless body
out of madness and hope
sky-scraping soul one minute
stumpy the next
them tint all with a color of perplexity
oomph then sulk then up and down again & again

communion of the downfall with a smile of cooperativeness
perplex of its own thing
the movie of this morning 7.30 am then
“the more you drive, the less intelligent you are”
-was it radiohead’s or repo-man?

a smile and a grrrr just because…
also while thinking of not writing felt so bad
what would i do without writing?
Even if it is this non-understandable ravage
nobody would these things or movies or nothing understand
so thankful i found the friends to at least try…


last night, i left my wallet
at a grocery store
at the parking lot in the shopping cart
got a phone call from the store
somebody returned it
all was intact inside
my $3 in cash
and my 70 € my mom gave me
i was a lucky woman
and a thankful one
since there is still a lot of honest people
i hope you find them on your walking path
thankful this little note i write