Tuesday, November 20, 2007

my drinkable/edible Om(s)

so i much enjoy
the littleness of things
the quiet fragrances
of a humble cup of tea
of a hot cup of café
the seconds
the minutes
of the light

of how a warm cup
heats the space left in my hand
to hold it

the warmth travels from the tea
or the cafe all the way to my nose
to my heart, the aromas or warm love
the respect of making my own drinks
my little Oms

every minute that i fret
every minute that i breath
and when i think of you
or when i not
or if smile, or get sad
or have a bit collapse
of mild or severe wrath

and middays
sun and a small
gift comes and go every day
and every morning
with the opportunity
to live again
and i run then
every midday fulfill
with the aroma
and preparation of
my spontaneous escape
a cup of sunny tea
or some tasty meal

and surely i delight
in this pretty view
the prettiest tea i owe!
an Earl Grey de la Creme
the little blue flowers
{if you are curious to click-look closer in the picture}
are blue mallow blossoms
they blink-blue and jump
among the black leaves of the bulk

tea is always good
a moist throat in case you talk...
and good for sun strucken foreheads
if i would know!
living in California and with this big
head of mine

and was on Sunday afternoon
after enjoyed lunch
a salmon kabob on pita bread
a $4.95 to go, big chunks of
grilled salmon + fixtures
with a Stockyard Oatmeal Stout
maybe wasn't the best match of beer
for the salmon, but it was the only one
in the fridge...

and the matter after all
was to enjoying the littleness of life
nothing too sophisticated
nor complex nor ambitious
just a ray of sun filtering thru
a glass of beer
or warming up my cheap
cup of pretty flowery tea

josé sombrero= mothership

so obvious
the proof!
that mexicans are aliens

el sombrero de josé
a mexican sombrero
so resembling of
a mothership...

finally watching this
A day without a Mexican
on DVD
i am 1/2 way thru
but i made a web-stop
the movie is just OK
but has very funny moments
even if its packed with old clichés
here das Trailer

had NO idea the director
of the film
is from Botellita de Jeréz!
one irreverent Mexico-City band

heh heh