Tuesday, May 06, 2008

the loved ones: cheese, music, and friends

today my soul was like a piece
of Gruyère
with oh! so many holes

but then
a voice came across continents
14 Minuten 23 Sekunden

i was smiling again

my soul then became soft soft
like a Port Salut or a Camembert
but also felt complete
like a good aged Cheddar

ja! nur 14 Minuten 23 Sekunden
sometimes it's all that it takes

so i advice you
call today a friend or a relative
out of the blue and just tell them
hello, hey! i like you...
even when like cheese you smell
(for example, you don't have to include
the cheese quote at all ...)

and no wonder we call them
the loved ones
die Geliebten
los seres queridos

they can be relatives, parents,
uncles, old-lovers, or warm friends...
sometimes they come even as comments
and notes over the internet!

but the voice of a loved one
and the daydream starts again...

easy happy music
a good cover
and good live performances
nothing too big deal though
another day another song

and if you are interested on Cheeses
check this blog
365 Cheeses
superb documentation by a non-gourmet!
the about information is soft and candid
as the reviews are too! yep again
like a mild Port Salut, almost cream cheese
great site!

am Dienstagmorgen

I just called this post
Am Dienstagmorgen ‘cause the last one was
Am Samstagmorgen and not that is not
Dienstagmorgen heute
but the idea was more to follow up
with the days than with the German
My mind is not really into Deutsch today
and bad timing 'cause i have class!
Actually my mind is really into nothing, but…
it is that just last Samstag the licking sun
And that love and energy that were around me
Now are faded
Why feelings seem to wash-out?
Just like dusty sidewalks under rain
I feel a little washed-out today
Tired, and yes, it’s the weather! i know...
But when I was 20, I could be in the middle
Of a hurricane and mute
Nowadays, the traffic, the weather
The working hours, if is cold the café
all seems to be more annoying and well...
Old people talk, mostly all these minor complains

Yet… behind the melancholies of the rain
I find always a little hole, a peaceful secret
That keeps me warm, when in or when out
I take some pictures, then upload and type
Type type, and click again
And the cold wind on my face
With sparkles of solitude actually feels fine
We humans are like little mice lost on labyrinths
Always searching for an entrance or an exit
Always searching for something to roam about
Today, I stop, and I don’t search feelings
Nor wonder no more… I just seat back
And look at life going by, from my spot
On this my curious little life on
This gloomy cloudy Californian rainy day

OK gotta go out to work!
wet californian freeways are not fun...