Monday, December 27, 2010

and a little boy was born

i was raised as a catholic
and even though my behavior inclines
more towards the sinner side than to the
holiness and respect of church and catholic rules
i do feel a profound respect for Jesus Christ
not so much for the church institution yet...

i don't question myself if he's the "one"
our "savior" or just another "prophet"
but i sure know he was one of the 'coolest' men
on Earth ever, and has influenced our culture
more than most historical characters

and sure why not? deep in my heart
when i struggle, i find myself, even to my own surprise
repeating his name

yes! i admire him and i am thankful to be able to celebrate
his birthday, that winter day when a little boy was born
to change the face of Earth

happy birthday little baby Jesus and
Merry Christmas to you all!

one of my favorite Christmas songs
by one of my favorite bands is this little song about
offering the little that you have in life with all
the love you can, just like this drummer boy
that has nothing else to offer but his drum playing

& also here my little Nativity scene
"Nacimiento" as we call it in Spanish
for days i've been so busy, & i keep on procrastinating
on decorating the little card-stock box that holds it
but about a week ago, i realized Jesus taught humility
so what can be more humble than a card-stock box
with some Mexican crafts representing the scene?

i am glad this year i placed my Nativity scene
and was able to share these cozy days with
my beloved mother and my two cats

¡Feliz Navidad!

i started writing this on December 24
but didn't add the photo until now
as usual, am a little late
hope you are having a good ending of 2010
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