Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vivaldi in LA

i am getting really excited...
tomorrow Sunday
my mom and I take the train
to Los Angeles to see
the LA Philharmonic playing
Vivaldi's Four Seasons
and other baroque delights

at the wonderful Walt Disney Hall
a superb auditorium
i have been there twice before
for a performance of
Anthony and the Jhonsons & the Philharmonic
and later for M83's plus Philharmonic
rather unique concerts

but this will be my 1st time to attend
and actual 'classic classical' concert there
looking forward to listen to Vivaldi
next to my mother, whose appreciation for fine
music is superb, as for notable venues

also the ride on the Amtrak by the
Southern California coast, shall be a delight
specially with ravishing weather we are having here!

wait for reviews of the concert coming soon!