Tuesday, May 26, 2009


'It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.'
- J. Krishnamurti

Ps. mein Kopf tut weh
Pd. me duele la cabeza

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Requiem for the Boa

mister boa in a bag

today is a very sad day for the feline world
a super cool specimen of cat has died
my beloved friend Boa
who my beloved friend Perro took care of
for over 15 years of his little furry life
he had to be put to sleep today

after living with Perro for 15 years
Boa, the cat left us a trace of memories and adventures
hard to forget
i had the pleasure to roommate with Boa
for about 1 year and a half
and i've been knowing him as long as i've been
knowing Perro, that is, since June 2001

Boa had a great 'personality'
he wasn't your regular shy cat
oh not at all! maybe 'cause he was a stray
before meeting Perro, he indeed captured
the cheerfulness and savviness from the
streets of San Diego

I remember him, 'hanging out' at parties with us
his brother, cat Gibby, more like a 'normal' cat
(and not that Gibby is normal but...) but Gibby
would go to Perro's room and sort of hide of the
group of friends while we were drinking beer
and talking out loud... but not Boa!
he would just seat around us, even if falling asleep
paying attention to what anybody would say
fighting to keep himself awake
with a group a lunatic humans
(i bet he thought that of us...)
and he always behaved as a part of the 'gang'
& whenever there were people around
he would jump on some unknown guest lap
specially on laps of pretty girls
he was not a silly cat!
he really liked girls' laps
and he indeed made his human dad Perro
very mad at many times, jumping on top
of counters, decks, and forbidden spaces
until a couple of days ago
Perro tried to educate him
Boa always got away with whatever he wanted
and being his crazy self active cat
until this his last day in the land of the living

Gibby (full name Gibson) and Boa, back in 2005

and just as it seems to happen with humans
the cool ones seems to go faster, somehow
but I am glad that the Boa lived to age 16
and of having meeting him and getting
some of his feline cheerfulness

sure he's already having a blast
in cat heaven, rolling on heavenly catnip
and eating cloudy endless fish at all times

here a couple of photos of him from 23
a couple have several comments
worth mentioning, from friends in Europe
and New York city
Boa had his
moments of internet stardom too!

and as i've been learning
specially on this 2009
death is the only certain part of life
but anyhow...

long live the Boa cat in our hearts!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

mogwai, tomorrow

Friday night
i am seeing Mogwai
at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach
always some structured melodic noise
is good to smear on one's soul

their Stanley Kubrick song

and opening for them
Dead Meadow
[worth checking out their website...]
never heard this band before
but they are with
Matador Records
and that's a good start
and if all their songs sound like this one
somber, dark
then i am gonna like them
yes, i think so...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

of skunks and homemade music

it seems that i am making friends with
Pepe Le Pew, this little mister skunk
he's one of the three who live next door
sometimes i see two of them, or one at the time
they come around for cat leftover food and seeds that
from the bird feeder, lately, i've been sharing
scraps of food, left overs of fruit and veggies
since they are messy eaters, when i saw this red little
double dish at Target for only 0.89 ¢, i bought it
and mister Pepe Le Pew, he seems to like it!
and every night they are a little less afraid of me
just hoping they won't spray me!, but it seems
that we are becoming friends

and along with the discovery of this stinky friendship
last night came too this great homemade music
that my friend perro found on FAWM.org
February Album Writing Month

now this is a very cool website where 'amateur'
musicians composed & upload an album in just one month
and this is a short month too! being February it

perro (as Looprication) composed a great album
a wonderful piece of electronic heaven/mess
some tracks have some obscure great lyrics
click on the link below to listen to his songs
Songs for the Darkness, Songs for the Dawn

and yesterday he gave me a copy
of these duo that have a set of clever, ironic,
soulful, superb lyrics, with a very fresh sound
and music
worth checking them out!
Ben & Petie
every song is a jewel

and to think, this is only some
homemade music...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

feliz día de las madres

Happy mother's day!
Zum Muttertag der Mutti das Beste!
¡Feliz Día de las Madres!

mi mamá, Doña Berenice Navarro in Autlán, México - December 2008

and a special congratulations
to my dear friend Lisa
who celebrate her first mother's day
as her lovely daughter Saskia was born
in April

thank you! to all the mothers in the world
who have taken the big responsibility with love
of continuing this rather unique human race

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

posting via e-mail, a photo and a soul song

i found this feature
posting via e-mail
just checking if it works

and with an attachment too
this old photo
a man meditating in Ocean Beach

i wonder where the e-mail
is going to attach the photo
in which position and size on the page

this happened, the man meditating episode
in what it seems
a long time ago...

where does the time...
all together go?

since i became 40
i seem to be able to hear
the time slipping by
every second, somehow
i feel the transitory/brief
state of life

i think i feel like this
'cause i enjoy the birds
and looking for the lost cats
i enjoy the sun, the light,
the early mornings with coffee
and the late nights with books

even if i am calmer lately
and i don't talk much or go outside
i do enjoy more life
and i feel it's brief
'cause i don't want to die
i do now realize
i like to be alive
i'd like to last for a while now
but without changes
just an eternal afternoon
seated on my patio outside
alone, with birds chirping
cats walking by
soft breeze on my face
and a Haruki Murakami book
with an endless story
a book that as i turn pages
seems to always grow...