Friday, September 18, 2015

Save little water, or a lot of water!

You can save a little bit of water
[short showers, not watering your lawn, a brick in your toilet]
you can save A LOT of water, and a lot of animal assassinations
[Going vegan!]
I designed this graphic for Truth Or Drought

I am #MozArmy

You know you are ‪#‎MozArmy‬
when you track down his latest concert online
thank you John Davies @salfordmozfan
for posting this periscope from ‪#‎Morrissey‬
at the Hull Arena tonight!
he is just a blur on white there on the back
but his voice and presence is there!
(comments: Amazing crowd and a perfect performance from the one and only!!!!! )

And to laura (@_LauraWithers_)
for this tweet (click to listen) and this picture
 Long Live #Morrissey