Tuesday, July 28, 2009

petit soledad

I wrote a sentence in my soul
That later I forgot,
I held your hand strong
Only to –later– let it go,
I’ve walked across continents
To find myself thirsty, fatigued, and alone
I smiled at my solitude though
& it smiled back! And softly with a little frown
It drew for me the Earth, The Moon, and the Sun
Then it all, lastly, seemed to be worth
Now me and my lonely shadow
Hand in hand, merrily we go

“In solitude, where we are least alone.”
~a Lord Byron quote

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sommerwochenende '09

Balboa Park

ein Sommerwochenende
a summer weekend
un fin de semana de verano

Sonntag im Park
Sunday at the Park
Domingo en el Parque

visited the MOPA exhibition of
Ansel Adams: A Life’s Work
real prints, breathtaking!
i knew of Ansel's talent
but never seen before his real prints

Freitag in der Soda Bar
Friday at the Soda Bar
Viernes en el Soda Bar

Soda Bar, dive bar and music scene very close to my house

went to see this band
i met them!
but didn't hear them play...

my friend Perro came along, with his new Icelandic cap

instead i saw these guys, BRAAIINS!!
they were noise and not so good
mostly bad, but it's i like the picture


another summery weekend of this zero nine
as the shaved ice in mouth, has melted away in time

Monday, July 20, 2009

goldener Montag

*ein goldener Montag
a golden Monday
un lunes dorado

[as customarily, onClick="image.size('Enlarge')]
so feel free to clickOn!

i met my friend Mione tonight at Ocean Beach
we walked down the pier
the sun started coming down
and then all became golden
it was * (above)

here in Southern California
& the properties file reads
Today, July 20, 2009, 7:29:08 PM

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the mouse point of view

MOP: now you know how the mice feel
& if you listen close enough
you can hear the predator's purr

~No camera cords (nor mice) were hurt
during the making of these video

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Midsomer Murders: The Killings at Badger's Drift - Part One | KPBS.org

old ladies, hot tea, and murders?
i love these old fashioned thrillers!
watched the part 1 of the series
waiting impatiently for the finale this Thursday
Midsomer Murders: The Killings at Badger's Drift - Part One | KPBS.org

i am liking these Midsomer Murders series

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Monday, July 13, 2009

me, the '09 summer version

this was me

with what-it-seemed-my-eternal long hair
as July 03, 2009
that's when i took these photos

and then
i went all FUN and chopped it all off!
yaaay! it felt great!!
liberating, like a feminist
burning a bra!

this affair of the long hair
was sort of new for me anyway
while living in Mexico city
i never wore my hair longer than my shoulders
and i had a couple of times with very short hair

while living in San Diego
i have let my grown longer a couple of times
my hair was even longer than on this photo
a couple of months ago
it almost reached my waist
but since then i have cut it a couple of times

so here my hair, extended was about
15' = 38 cms.
my hairdresser kept it and it's going
to make a wig with it for cancer patients
here so many bottles of shampoo
so many brush strokes, pony tails,
caresses, and pulls...

it's been 10 days since i've had
this my new short summer hair
and i love it!!
i don't really care if i look better or worse
but i just feel 'cleaner'
i haven't regret to cut it off a single time

i didn't know what to do with the long hair
anymore, anyway, at night specially,
sometimes i feel i look a bit nerdy
but after all i've always been more of a
dorky girl with shorter hair
than a long-haired diva
i do feel more myself with this shorter hair
i feel fresh, lighter, and some
air seems to filter through the scalp 'cause
no headaches either lately, hmmm mmmm...
interesting... & here more silly happy face

Friday, July 10, 2009

Obama on Mt Rushmore? Greenpeace Banner Calls for Global Warming Leadership

I truly appreciate the effort of our
Greenpeace activists!! it is inspiring to
watch this video makes you wanna leave it all
and GO save the world ;)

the last time I was this excited about Mt Rushmore
was when I watched for the 44th time (?)
Hitchcock's North by Northwest

Thursday, July 09, 2009

there goes the fear

today has been a bit of a strange day
the reminders of death linger in the air

i feel that i've never been one afraid of dying
i felt safe & secure while reaching the older age
and even if i enjoy life, i never was fearful
of leaving this world before, but now... and
lately, so many deaths have happened
all in this year, the fragility of life
more than ever reveals to me so evident
2009 has been such a deathly year!

to list in chronological order, to match
the title of the blog, my fish pet Kiyo,
my father, only 17 days later after seeing him,
my friend Tina's dad, my best friend's cat,
who was my friend too, Boa,
my friend Tina's dog Einstein
who i used to dog-sit for,
less related but shocking too
Farrah Fawcett, whose fan i was
when i was a very young teenager 'cause
the Charlies Angels TV series which I grew up with
and i washed my hair for at least 3 years with her
shampoo and c'mon!!!
even Michael Jackson dies!!
i am not a Michael Jackson follower
but his presence on the musical back of my life
was there, as it was on mostly every body who ever
heard his name, it made his name one of those
things that you took for granted
and i wrote in my Facebook acc (yes! i am a
Facebook added now...) i do have a couple
of favorite Michael Jackson songs

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough
a masterful piece of funk and disco
my favorite Michael Jackson song!
i still think that Off the Wall is his best album
here a good review of the song
and he's so lovely in the video
he was a freaking good song writer!
along the line of Don't Stop 'Til...
i liked the starter of Thriller a lot
the freakish paranoid lyrics too
of Wanna Be Startin Somethin
aren't so pop at all
i can only imagine
how hard must to be to sing this fast
while dancing like that...

but anyway, i wasn't writing about MJ really
but so with all these deaths around
and after seeing a co-worker loosing her job today
unexpectedly, just as Jacko Wacko died,
the fear of dying climbs my spine cord
and even if, of course, i am afraid of what
happens on the after life, my fear is not so much
of going, but of what i leave behind
my fear is mostly driven 'cause of
the 2 wonderful furry cats i take care of!!
never before them i was afraid to die
i was even a little cocky when it came to talk about death
but now... i understand parenthood so much better!
i am afraid of dying 'cause without me, i am not sure
what would happen to the cats!

at 40, i am discovering feelings i never had before
i feel for once the responsibility of having
a creature depending on you, sure i grew up
with my lovely dog Filka, a medium size poodle,
lovely, fluffy, white... but being me a child, and
an adolescent at the end of her life,
well my mom took more care of her than myself
and i did have cats before in Mexico
who, sadly, i had to leave to move here, but
i guess i was younger, bolder, and self-assured
and a bit naive

i understand now fully how my mother always felt
while i was growing up
she used to tell me, that every night she prayed
for not dying before i came out of school
she was funny about it too
she said she started asking God
"please keep me alive at least until my daughter
finishes elementary school..."
later she modified the prayer:
"God please keep me alive at least until my daughter
finishes 'junior high' or 'secundaria' as we call it
in Mexico, later on she kept on praying
for not dying while i was a high-school
or before i had at least a Bachelors' degree
then she added to the list, as i grew older,
to not die before i got married,
or before i had a child

i think she gave up now on me getting married
and having children, but sure every day
she's around this earth i feel luckier to have her around
even if so geographically apart
dunno why, maybe 'cause there goes the fear again
but today i loved and appreciated a little more
every single person in my life...
'cause lately i've realized
how easy could be for any of them or I
to forget that little trick of
breathing in and breathing out
how easy this might be the last time
we look at the skies!

so i am every day more grateful
for being alive
and to cure the little fears
and scare away der old Angst
a song by the Doves
where i stole the title from

PS. and now i have to start
writing a Kitty-Will, ha!
and finding a guardian for the cats
for when i die, i guess that's
what responsible citizens do
for the ones they love
what a way to grow up
thanks to a couple of alley cats ;)

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Stone In

[click on the poster to see in detail the art]

i guess is a little late to promote
last night's gig in Vancouver of Stone In
but at least i can share the wonderful
powered on psychedelia poster that
mister Al aka Ground Control aka Beto
who writes the Moloko Vellocet blog
created here for his own band
as said before i feel
and not mistakenly, that Ground Control is the
best graphic designer i've ever met
and the best drummer too!!!

since i've met him back in Mexico city
many years ago when we both worked
for the Hard Rock Cafe Mexico
designing t-shirts and other merchandising goodies
i was amazed by his talent as a designer

i remember when we first met
i felt threatened by his talent
he was one of two graphic designers
that my newer boss hired to sort of replace me!
i hated the guy at first... and he was so nice and preppy looking too!
but little did i know about him, hidden behind that innocent
good-looking face was the true spirit of a hard rocker
a Zappa fan to the bones, and really into good hard rock music

after hating him for a couple of days, i saw on his desk
a copy of Soundgarden's Badmotorfinger
wow! that is one of my favorite grunge albums of all times
so i thought, well, he might get my job but at least he has
good musical taste, little did i know again...
we started chatting over Soundgarden, and next minute
he told me about him being a drummer, his musical taste
so similar to mine, and we talked over design and life
and about his beautiful girlfriend, now wife,
Gaby being an industrial designer like me, etc. and
i knew a friendship would be coming next...
regardless of annoying work threats...

we happily worked together for a couple of years!
and i OWE him MANY of the design and
photoshop tricks i know!
i remember very well, he was the one who
explained me about the Feather tool on the Selection
on Photoshop, a tool I use most days since then

now he lives in Vancouver with his beautiful wife
and works successfully as a graphic designer
(the poster is just a sample of his work)
and after alternating with bands over the years
is working in his newestestestestest project
Stone In! he's the drums and another guy the guitar
visit the site for some sample of their
(love the graphics of his site too! very suitable
with their heavy trippy drippy music)

i am so thankful for having such talented friends!

Iceland, by el Perro

"Kirkjufell, a giant mountain in the ocean just off the coast."
words and photo by el mísmisimo Perro

my friend el Perro has been "trudging"
across Iceland for the 2nd time!

his blog is full of beautiful & remote landscapes
and cheerful anecdotes from that other side
of the world! visit it for more:
I speak Icelandic

Ps. I learn today the word "trudging"
he left that word in his Out of the Office reply
I never heard that word in English before
I didn't find a literal translation for it in Spanish either
the closest equivalent is: el caminar penosamente
i guess something like walking laboriously...

Monday, July 06, 2009