Thursday, July 27, 2006

thursday night

I have seven 7 pairs of shoes
Lining by my bed

One for each day of the week

they have been accumulating

as i wear them

7 Plus comfys

that's why many pairs


Form a little shoe pool

Not a shoe line


Are they the original cause?

Of the bicameral mind?

Is Humanity defined by a feet-look style?

Is that a crime?

Think shoes!

Yours and your attitude towards them

Maybe a good clue of

who you are might come out?

Or just Strange shoeish thoughts

Of a Thursday night

… (?)

la paloma

la paloma (the dove) is a very popular song in Mexico

I found a link on project gutenberg of a recording from a phonograph from July 1905!

Performed by: Banda de Zapadores de Mexico
Composed by: Sebastian Yradier
Record format: Edison Gold Moulded cylinder
Release number: 18734 (1)
Release date: July 1905

click here to listen to it