Tuesday, July 31, 2007

mr. Geistpferd

hallo! wie geht es Ihnen?

ich bin ein feines und glückliches Geistpferd

mr. coffee

been back to drip brew

for the last couple of days...

Monday, July 30, 2007

the summer is over

this morning
i get ready for work again

i have that sensation
of a kid, going back to school
after an exciting summer...

i have cleaned my formal shoes
and 'sharpened my new pencils'
and i am ready to face the obligations
of a working routine life

the smells of this fascinating summer
follow me around
and now & then i dream
of that place now so afar...
and of you
that made this summer
so special, so nice!

nothing wrong with
still letting your mind
fly a little high

in early mornings
is nice...

photographs with camera Sony α - DSRL A100
flight from Detroit, MI to San Diego, CA

Sunday, July 29, 2007

more pictures of ghosts...

I wish
I could write
A poem
Or a short song
But words escape
Through tinny gaps in my soul

I have been drinking lots of coffee
Since I came back
& eating cheese & bread

I think,
I am chasing the aromas
And moods I left behind
On an old continent
Of this world, on the other side

I think & remember
And I breathe back
And it is a little sad
Since I miss you…
Most of the time

But then
I find these pictures of ghosts
And their memories
Make me smile

Thursday, July 12, 2007

i won't be watching for pigs on the wing

I finally was able to exercise again
After over 12 days of sickness
And by now 7 days of antibiotics
And an ear still hurting now & then
I decided to stretch myself and take
A yoga class
Ah relaxing!

And I keep on thinking how
Beethoven of me is to get deaf on one ear with an infection
Before going to Deutschland...
But today I was able to listen a bit again

So, now I come to one big inquiry!
What music to select to survive 4.30 hrs
And then 8hrs, trapped on an airplane
Rather a crusade
Since a bit claustrophobic I could get…
Up to the point that I got prescription
From the doctor, just in case

So, planes I love and flight
But the small space and the people getting so close together
If the plane would be almost empty
Would be nicer, or if instead of people
Were some dogs or cats…
My train of thought to select
What’s is not people?
Then? To listen to

Well dogs are not people
Nor sheep, nor pigs
Oh but
Dogs, pigs, sheep
Yeah animals!
Pink floyd
That was easy
And the best option I could’ve ever think of!
Since I think it might be my favorite
Pink Floyd album
Now I can fly in peace
And so smiling wide
Tonight I am
Tired and sore
And with an ear not a 100% OK
But… but but, ah!

And also I found this original TV commercial
For the “LP”

and this one too!
and i won't be watching for pigs on the wing

Sunday, July 08, 2007

realization # 63

while the minutes of
my modest life pass by
I think of my existence
The things I do
The decisions I make
The thoughts my soul fights
Are usually seen, felt, semi-digested
lived, and sometimes just barely survived
From the point view of
A non specific gender being
a simple human being, without sexual characteristics
I don’t think of myself all the time as
a woman… and of course even less a man!
certainly not a dog, nor a cat or a plant...
a general-breathing thing, and that's it

And not very sure why
I feel that
the point of being a woman
in my case…
is to be able to be one
without being self-conscious about it

not often
but when this little mental state
comes about my feminine heart
is a bliss!
i go wow!!!, i am one of those...
no wonder i go crazy now & then (smile)
and then a woman, I am…

seems that this fact that has always been more evident
to the rest of the world
than for this self holder of the womanly problem

and also refreshing is to know
that we all have or times of non-gender definition
aside those times when the specific characteristics are involved

also it would be really helpful
for my personal development
if I could remember what the other 62 realizations
apparently i had before this one were,
and or at least what the heck they were about...

& here this woman’s favorite Tom Waits song...
either forward all his silly jokes (i like them but...)
or wait for the main performance 'cause it is superb!
and rather different from the original version
that i know...

another 24 minutes of my life
in this blog
is that right? or is that wrong?
i don't think it matters after all
(final & good night smile)

Saturday, July 07, 2007


as the dusk
washes away with its darkness
the colors of these burning days
a creature of non-sleep
crawls slowly on my head, on my soul
and places itself
in the back of my neck

the creature is resilient
now it’s been here for 2 nights
with its 2 respective days

it talks to me in loud voices
in my deaf right ear
where the only thing that enters
is the sound of his infernal count
uno, dos, tres

the loud add-up is the total hours
of this now seemly
eternal night vigil…

the creature
i have figured
is envious of the little joy
existing in my spirit
since the days of summer glory
come closer as steps on my pathway

the creature wants to eat my desires
my wishes
and leaves me every morning
with an empty hollow feeling
lifeless & while
looking at my own reflection
i sadly discover a colorless pale facade
my own tired sleepless self


and to celebrate the mystic 07.07.07 date
7 'new' wonders of the world
are to be announced today
selected by voters online
and not sure how one should feel about that

the original 7 wonders

still remain, but which ones go first?
there are ancient wonders
then natural wonders
and even modern world wonders!
and yet a new list to be announced?

so many wonders! make one wonder
what is truly wonderful?

anyway, if there's a stroke of luck flying around this date
i hope you catch a bit of the good light for your soul
for your life
and have a wonderful 07.07.07

Friday, July 06, 2007

3:30 am: time for onions & honey?

damn again!
3.30 am and i can't sleep
this cough!
i have slept probably just 1 hr since 11pm
the ear infection is getting better
but now this cough attacks won't let me sleep
ah! so tired of being sick

i found a home-made recipe for cough syrup
honey, thyme, and onions
heated on mild warmth
and to get to the natural remedies since i already used
my inhaler enough times
i cannot exceed 2 puffs every 4 hrs
since it might cause rapid heart beat
i am also an asthmatic person
so the flow of oxygen to my lungs is not quite right

so 3.50 am by now but...
it is definitively much better to seat here & write
than to turn & twist on my bed while coughing
my lungs out

usually cough is the last step of a harsh cold
so hopefully this will be the end of this sickness
tomorrow, well, in a couple of hours
i have another doctor's appointment
to check my ear, and well, now this damn cough

so here i seat
chewing raw onions with honey
and thyme
while i type
and i dream of a good night sleep
maybe another night, as it seems

the onion picture is from a while ago
i was amazed that from an already-cut onion
that i have stored for a while
a new little onion was being born!
such is the power of life

and also a picture of the "remedy"
the herbs are thyme
surprisingly, it doesn't taste bad
or maybe i am just that desperate
for a cure now...

oh sweet sleep won't come tonight
or it comes
but then another cough attack scares it away again

the 2005 movies

i got my bulky old digital camera in 2004
then i realized it had a movie mode
these are some of my very 1st movies i found tonight
from march 2005
1. the wave-length one from ocean beach, at the beginning is boring but if you watch it all, you have seen the length of time that takes a wave to splash close to my feet in Ocean Beach

2. more ocean beach, the dizzy way

3. this funny super-silly one, of how to make natural fat free plain peach yogurt, ha! i completely forgot about this one, the music is great! is my Bright and Bouncy Hi-Fi Dance Music vinyl record

i am not very creative lately
but i had plenty of time on my hands a while ago
as it seems

Monday, July 02, 2007

abelardo morell photography

one of my preferred photographers
abelardo morell, american born in Cuba
his work has inspired me many years ago
his work is remarkable!
not to miss the link above
all his work is rather interesting

this photo, in a little version
wooden frame used to be by my bed
now is by the bathroom's door
it looks so familiar to me now!
i see it many times per day...

a strange weekend, moody & hot
throat sickness and black moods around
so tired and hard to focus while feeling sick
there are fire alarms all around southern california
san diego is under a heat wave that increases the chance of wild fires
not nice!

yet... a little light of a smile tonight
i check my calendar, and...
just another 14 days
time where have you gone?
where do you always hide?
that we count you and never come out equal