Monday, August 30, 2010

this house is haunted

i am in love with these illustrations by
Byron Eggenschwiler

This house is haunted
diesem Haus spukt es
Esta casa está embrujada

you can more of his work here

the last Saturday of August

this past Saturday good feeling
lined up for me
i went back to yoga after almost 3 weeks...
it was great to stretch the body, the mind
and overall, the soul
i had lunch at my favorite bakery
Bread & Cie, a roasted eggplant & feta cheese sandwich

i never saw the bottom of the paper bags, lovely motto!

later i went to pick up some film photos 35mm
that i took a while ago with my old Nikkormat
a 1972 Japanese camera
here a sample, even if digital cameras are so convenient
i still love the feel of a developed film, the grain
the texture, the contrasts, there are somethings that
technology cannot fool

to top my lovely Saturday, i went to the movies!
i used to go to the movies so often before
these days i watch more DVDs or movies on my computer
just like with cameras, nothing tops the rush of watching
a movie on the big screen...

now it's Monday and i had to work
the memories of that lovely day are just that
memories, and a post on the blog now... ah sighs...

i choose Christopher Nolan's Inception
as i wrote on Facebook:
from the strange, brilliant, and confusing mind of Christopher Nolan, i watched Inception tonight... as i tweeted, you'll either love it or will get a strong headache... if you like Christopher Nolan films, watch Following, his 1st film, noir noir and probably still the best one, Inception is pretty close too, i personally liked it

Thursday, August 26, 2010

today today today

so many things have happened since my latest posts
tangible life seems to run faster than the virtual blogs

i went to a great bbq celebrating the wedding of m&m
then i got sick
then i recovered
then i got busy
then i got free
then i got sick again
then i recovered

and then i am here again...

maybe not much to say
while there are about 2,872 ideas
of what to write about
floating in my head
nothing consolidates
but hey!
at least i have some photos from today!

me, the summer 2010 version
leaving work happy for once

Herr Gato doing his nightly routes outside the house

Frau Kitty climbing the screen door
chasing birds shadows
[OK this photo is from yesterday, but she's so adorably crazy!]

it's been so hot here in San Diego the past
couple of days, tonight feels a little cooler
and so my brain and soul seem to be cooling off too

good times some to be on their way again

friends, birds, international mail, and other lovely matters

last week i got a wonderful package on the mail
it came all the way from England!!
courtesy of my eFriend nellyb from 23hqcom
the goodies she sent me where designed by
fishink, his designs are so lovely!
i got some notebooks, stickers, and a stamp
all very cool
it's so nice to find out artist still feel love
for our beloved feathered friends

and hey! i was even featured on the blog

here the photos i took of the lovely goodies,
thank you Helen and Craig!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the strangeness of life

as i rejoice many days on life's beauty
i immerse on life's strangeness and seemingly unfairness
many times too

times at work haven't been fine
internal unfairness mixed with deadlines
extra working hours, etc. etc. etc.

and as i whine and complain like a little girl
in a rush to make it to my yoga class
feed cats, feed birds, and try to find a corner of peace
i fell from the two steps outside my house

a swollen knee, with a deadline at work
mixed with some anger, not such a good deal...

and i hear myself saying out loud: "life is so unfair"

i seat, turn on the TV, the news...
the Pakistan floods
and i feel so unfairly stupid for whining before

i have a job
i have a life
i have a swollen knee
but i am alive and haven't lost my life
and little properties, and family
to a flooding

life is not unfair for me
i am only too used to be OK
in spite of all my physical little maladies
i am OK

i am not sure why i've been thinking of mortality lately
maybe 'cause of the stress
but also, as i approach the end of this project that has
been taking me too long
i morbidly thought as i drove home back from work:

what if i die today?
even if it's an easy project
nobody really knows where all my files are
nobody would really finish it, i know it!
such is the nature of my office
probably it will forgotten
over the little ceremony of my death
probably nobody will push to finish it

and then i started thinking
so when somebody who lives alone, like me, dies
who empties their refrigerator?
who takes out the trash?
who goes through your sock & underwear drawer?
who waters your plants?
who feeds your cats?
(i have plans and a life insurance for them, but still...)
who checks your e-mails and replies that you are dead?
who updates your blog?!!??

i guess that's why the call death
the great unfetter from this world
'cause i guess, then, you don't really care
about these little details that some mornings
seem like a blessing, and some others like a challenge

as much as death might seem like freedom some days
i really enjoy being alive
having the possibility to be mad at people at work
and at lousy drivers who don't use their blinkers to change lanes
i love to be able to breath even if to find out that
my head hurts again

strange life events
thoughts over dead people socks' drawers
and work stress
i guess they all come with life
so i type here tonight
instead of bending my heart and my body
at my yoga class
'cause on the rushed way to relaxing
i fell

Monday, August 09, 2010

another day

the faraway sound of cars passing by
fade out
as the sun, and the daylight

another day lived
another day dies

fears, feelings, sounds, words, movements
all, with the night, seems to calm down
fade out

and my mind wonders
as before, as every night
who am i?

tonight, even if i know i need to improve
i go to bed, with a smile

i might be wrong
but at least i know that i've tried

Thirty-four, Tao Te Ching

The great Tao flows everywhere, both to the left and to the right.
The ten thousand things depend upon it; it holds nothing back.
It fulfills its purpose silently and makes no claim.

It nourishes the ten thousand things,
And yet is not their lord.
It has no aim; it is very small.

The ten thousand things return to it,
Yet it is not their lord.
It is very great.

It does not show greatness,
And is therefore truly great.