Thursday, April 03, 2008

blue déjà vu

déjà vu time!
i used to live in this house
this is the back door
the file's properties read
Monday, April 25, 2005, 6:34:00 AM

so i created this image
3 years ago, this blog not existed yet
so many things were so different!

now my atmosphere is not so teal

that's quiet a while
yes 3 years ago

and then that was home
and this song from 2004!

and now this is it
not so blue
but not so dark on the edges either

teal and surrounded by a black circle
seems that, i saw the world
in 2005
now i feel like a newborn
with an old soul

"Ah, böwakawa poussé, poussé"

one of my favorites
John Lennon's songs is
#9 Dream

and after about 25 years of
have listened to it
i never really knew all the lyrics to it

english is my second language
but rock music
[properly and by definition written in English]
is my first choice

and many times i have fallen in love
with a song, without understanding all what
the singer was singing, i could fall in love
with a song just
'cause it 'freaking rocked'!!
heck yes!

but tonight, after 25 years or so
i realized, a-ha!! Web-reka!!
this is what the internetsss are for!
to look-up what the heck is john lennon babbling
over some bucka bucka come-so come-so (???)
[what i made of it!...]
so indeed!
i googled the lyrics to the song
and yep! the words really meant nothing
just something on a dream
but then i googled more!
and remembered this great site
[just wish the data base was bigger already
and more to my favorite musical genders oriented]

so here the ideas, i guess more than facts
over #9Dream
i bet John looks from the sky at us
laughing at our attempts to decipher
his stoned dreams, ha! what a crazy
great lunatic man he was, admirable!
just a lovely john lennon dream though
his #9 dream, by the way...
his dream has given me so many hours of pleasure!
"Ah, böwakawa poussé, poussé"
"Ah, böwakawa poussé, poussé"
now... i endlich know...

i recommend you to get rid of your shoes!
and sing along, and if you want and nobody is
watching, you should dance too...