Monday, August 07, 2006


it is
in this freaking competitive world
to remember who you really are
hard to stop the competition
for looks, for fashion, for power, for money
even for love!
for all... competition and always the horrible cantata: the winner takes it all

every wants the best piece of everything
everybody willing to take but not to give back, specially with time
mmm? want want want they want
i just want some peace of mind
i don't need much money at all
and money and possessions mostly bring sorrows and suck up your time
i don't need a position or name or anything i feel, but to be alive and the "possibility of"
i feel i just a few friends around and some love but no rush

that is all, it is hard to remember that there is always more time than life...

but... how can you make people understand you are not greedy?
in a full of greed world?

mmm? maybe i should
read blindness again
saramago's lesson on the futility of it all

maybe everybody should read it
saramago's a genius of life and of detachment
after all he did win a nobel prize, huh?
another acquisition that doesn't, well, go

“In the end we discover the only condition for living is to die.”
-José Saramago quote