Friday, October 26, 2007


Today, October 26, 2007, 6:05:02 pm

Bart Simpson's chalkboard

fires, doctors, bad days
long days, distance
all other maladies
much better
w/ milk and cookies
and a 2-presentation
of The Simpsons!

then all
Western and Easter
thinking, beliefs, and philosophies!
re-united on
Bart Simpson's Chalkboard
"I did not see Elvis"

"Fires down, not out"

that is today's
San Diego Union-Tribune

on my way to work and back
i drive by Qualcomm Stadium
i briefly stopped and got this pictures
of the stadium last night
by now just a few hundreds of evacuees are
staying there, in tents or Motor-homes

a few tents at the parking lots

supplies and more parked cars, most of the people
are staying inside at the grades

the supplies

and as they said, some "pinche" fire facts
from this morning Oct 25, 2007
40% contained, is much better than Tuesday morning
when it was 0% contained...

the active fires are not in the city of San Diego
but in San Diego County, where there are many homes still
but the areas still in danger are fully evacuated
they think by Tuesday next week, the fires could be fully contained
but the dry season is still going on so lots of care and resources
for the burned areas are needed still

things are getting better however every day