Thursday, October 22, 2015

KFC's Pink Bucket Sad Joke

#KFC #KentuckyFriedChicken #BreastCancer
Kentucky Fried Chicken's Pink Bucket to 'help'
cancer research is the biggest sad joke on women

KFC killing women but using pink buckets

Chicken, even skinless and boiled is the top 5
Cancer causing food... so yes, KFC better give
a lot of money to the cancer patients, since they are
make them sick on the 1st place!
Here the rest of big offenders:
Foods with most saturated fat
Watch NutritionFacts.Org video:

Chickens are also the most abused animals in factory farms!
and the most misleading "health" food out there.
Read why Chickens are NOT health food 
As see how these poor intelligent charming creatures are treated

If you really want to prevent breast cancer, any type of cancer,
diabetes and heart disease
eat a whole plant-based diet
a healthy non-processed vegan diet.