Wednesday, August 16, 2006

a thing to remember

just too little out if to really write about
but as this
a calm peaceful night

one of those sit next back next reflex next much calm...
or more just plainly playing a la Stephen McTo... ha!
or just as in i didn't really forget to bring my towel

a retrospective rather so
rather so? i knew it was a bad idea
don't panic! though heh heh

the event of the week
the border issue at the crossing point

sunday since 10.30 until way after
the noon
that is 6 pm

my aunt & i trying to cross the border
me gringa, she ok visa

details soon

ok rather happier nicer stuff to remember too
but of those
you & i knew

sunday border
a story to write soon

tia mary really sorry
for the behavior of a country
that likes to crunch some souls