Wednesday, April 12, 2006

dulce como la miel

so busy! to the point of not being able to chronologize the stupidity properly! yet among the working stress i remember, crave, and beg for a

photo taken at my home recently (good to know i still have some in the fridge waiting for me... sweet babies so thirsty)
cold beer!
ah wish i could have one of those sweet as honey red stripes
ah jamaican beer
i am not a big drinker, but sometimes i drink red wine mostly
and beer, but GOOD beer (god forbid me of ever have to drink a shitty hyper-shitty bud or bud-light rather die of thirstiness, I hate those damn things, rather have clear transparent neat water or tea or anything but a bud-freaking-weiser)

here a 33-items list of some of my favorites beers (33 like in jesuschrist age)
the ones with * indicates i find most pleasure on them
grab yourself a cold one and cheeeers!
  1. Gösser
  2. Stella Artois*
  3. Amstel
  4. Tsingtao
  5. Pilsner Urquell*
  6. Harrar Sofi (Ethiopia)
  7. Beck's
  8. Athenian
  9. Guinness*
  10. Harp
  11. Murphy’s
  12. Moretti* (Italian and superb)
  13. Asahi
  14. Kirin*
  15. Sapporo*
  16. Corona
  17. Bohemia
  18. Pacifico*
  19. Modelo Especial
  20. Dos Equis*
  21. Heineken
  22. Grolsch*
  23. Steinlager*
  24. Brackie Premium
  25. Singha*
  26. Bass
  27. Sam Adams Cream Stout (any good Stout)
  28. Miller Lite
  29. Nimbus Oatmeal Stout* almost any Oatmeal Stout (i like my caramel-taste-like beer)
  30. Sierra Nevada Wheat Beer
  31. St. Pauli Girl (the blue ones)
  32. Arrogant Bastards (don't take it personal! is the line of the Escondido's Stone Brewery)
  33. Red Stripe (wonder if it has that 'magical' jamaican ingredient and that's why i like it so much, hmmm?)
oh and there's many many more ahhh but i can't remember them all. if i could drink a damn cold beer this logo that i am working on would come out much prettier (at least to my eyes... heh heh)