Friday, November 14, 2008

Ed Wood - a 'Pop' Thursday at the MOPA

last night i made it to my 1st
Pop Thursday at the MOPA

a good combo of film screening
fun activities, drinks, and all
while the photography exhibitions are still open

the film screened last night
was Tim Burton's biographic film on
cult horror films screenwriter, producer, director
and actor Ed Wood

and i was lucky enough to haven't seen this
Tim Burton / Johnny Depp's classic!
it was great to watch it in the big screen
and what a great cast!
Martin Landau and Bill Murray among many more
and well the twisted real story of one
Hollywood's weirdest characters

one of the activities prior to the screening
last night
was Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art Art School
live drawing with models, with an interesting twist...
Ed Wood was there himself!

and accompanied him, one of his lovers
Dolores Fuller

and people where making sketches of him
here a cute sketcher

the film was projected in 2 areas:
in the main lobby where you can watch it in sort of background
while hanging out with live DJ music and drinks

if you wanted a more common viewing experience
you could watch the film at the beautiful screening room

it was an interesting night overall
but i was specially glad to be able to watch a film
released in 1994 in the big screen
DVDs are convenient, cable-movies are cheap and easy
but nothing compares with the magic of being
inside a movie theater and submerge for a couple
of hours on other's peoples lives

and here a very interesting interview with Johnny Depp
over his characterization of controversial Ed Wood

and some scenes from an original Ed Wood films
Glen or Glenda? (1953)
you think surreal?