Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 08

Halloween came again
days of pumpkins
horror films
and sugary treats

a quiet evening for me
a little warm here in hell
but look!
another pumpkin here
the '4734'

next to the 4734 is an little artifact made out of a pumpkin too
an Argentinian Yerba Mate drinking cup
the 'straw' is made out of metal (silver, i think?)
talking about art made out of pumpkins
as for misses 4734
once opened showed was no cooking material
it was a little old for that so, so...

so a 'modernist' mini Jack-O-Lantern became

my carved pumpkin, Jack-O-Lantern - day 1

and Turner Classic Movies selections for the night
Horror films based on books by H.P. Lovecraft
a long time preferred author of mine

The Shuttered Room (from 1967)

Die, Monster, Die! (from 1965)
(the original name of the book
was "The color of out of space"
a delightfully creepy reading

so with devilish horns
and an old dried Jack-O-Pumpkin
after a couple of days

my carved pumpkin, Jack-O-Lantern - day 3 (premature aging?)

i spent a sugary scary night
have a good Halloween too
and let the witches and ghosts
go merry around you

tomorrow and Sunday
will be for me to celebrate the mexican
Día De Muertos

Thursday, October 30, 2008

& those elections coming so close...

the California general election
and gotta read all these propositions
i have brief ideas about some

thankfully for presidential election
i have my mind fixed
i am with

Barack Obama

i think these Obama's poster
series by Obey Giant taste
dunno, transcendental?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Die schöne Melancholie des Sonntag

since a was young girl
i remember feeling this little
empty space in my stomach
every Sunday night
the idea that the fun part of the week
was coming to an end, i guess

and since then i've found little cures for this

Die schöne Melancholie des Sonntag
the beautiful Sunday's melancholy
la hermosa melancolía de Domingo

i've been to movies to forget or
when there's a new Simpsons on Sunday
that's my breaking point
but also a good early evening walk
will suffice for the mini-closing of the weekend
celebrating my own way of saying to this week
curtains downs
and welcome a new week ahead

and here what i saw
around 17.15 Uhr

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Friday, Ikea

as my 8" analon non-stick skillet
is almost never big enough
for a decent stir-fry
i went to Ikea last night
[ah, always pleasant there]

to buy the planned 11" wok with lid
here he is

already used twice this morning
steaming sweet potatoes
and the ah! long-awaited stir-fry which i just
munched now accompanied of some crunchy brown rice

but as always i end up with
some extra unplanned product
so this time the
product is

the BUSIG tray

but i just couldn't resist the elephants
and the colors, or the idea of elephants
with flowers and patterns on their bodies
or the little elephants
dunno, but it reminded me of a Beatles song
one of the silly ones they made (wink)
and oh well
it's an Ikea weakness heh heh

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the little refugee

again tonight
little time set aside
and write here about
an outdated date
'cause tonight i write not
about today's date
but about Monday's

too tired to work
took a Monday off
just sat around and watch old Horror movies

1st I watched a very young Humphrey Bogart
he was the infamous Doctor X
in The Return of Doctor X (1939)
a lip-less pale make-up doctor with a
stroke of white hair, and glasses
who holds & strokes a
little white rabbit
and runs experiments with synthetic blood
mmm? even though, he's not the main character in the film
and this was his 1st and last appearance on a horror film
still rather recommendable film
little quirky, but it was just 1939!
better plot and script and surely grammar
than we get in many now-a-days films

and then I watched this exquisite suspense movie
a ghostly woman in white, but not quite a ghost story
but a great thriller
The Woman in White (1948)

this wonderful film was based on an epistolary novel by
Wilkie Collins
and it is considered the 1st official and precursor
of the genre of mystery novels!
now I am looking for the book...

so Monday was and
I did lost of seating around
and movie-watching
and TV-picture taking

as for this Wednesday
I wish it was Monday again

[random* notes on old-film watching]
and the moral of the post
just now & then, take a day off
and watch some old films
but truly old
something before the 60's

I feel old-films truly detach you from reality
there are no cell phones ringing on the films
they didn't existed yet
and everybody smokes, apparently lung cancer
wasn't 'invented' yet either
they drank whiskey at 10am
and true men wore hats
but also knew when to take them off

and women ran with very high-heels
without getting their hair messed-up
hiding from fictitious monsters or
very real gangsters

and if the film is in black & white
even better!
you get to exercise your imagination
and color yourself the film
you get to decide if that pale shade of gray
on the heroin's dress
is either a light blue or a soft orange

old films are the only cinematic art
that i can think of as the closest thing as reading a book
is it rather refreshing!

go and rent an old film
you'll learn so much!

* as if the rest of this blog is not random

Sunday, October 19, 2008

der Calabaza day

Kürbis Tag!
pumpkin day
día de la calabaza

as it comes the pumpkin season
decided to cook a little one

once baked, can be used for soup,
pies, bread, or...

as i ate it this morning
just warmed up sprinkled with sugar & cinammon
accompanied with a glass of cold milk

ah better than any sophisticated dessert

i will try to bake more this October
too bad i don't remember the kind of pumpkin it was

ohne Namen Kürbis!
[oder? Frage: wie man sagt auf Deutsch?
ohne Namen oder kein Name?

nameless pumpkin
calabaza sin nombre

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

antony and the johnsons, los angeles

LA Philharmonic Orchestra tunning up before the show

last Tuesday
we drove straight from work
San Diego to Los Angeles

2 hours of freeway, for
Antony and the Johnsons playing with
the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra
at the Walt Disney Music Hall

we arrive early enough and
walked a couple of miles around
Downtown Los Angeles
a mixture of old skyscrapers
historical buildings
with spanish signs of mexican businesses
all besides Little Tokyo

we had dinner in this little japanese place
were i had some Udon soup with wild vegetables
the noodles were green
and the wild vegetables fresh and still crisp
my friends drank warm sake and oh
we were ready for the show

Antony's performance was intimate and somehow
mystical, the opening track with a repetitive mood
accompanied by humming violins
put the audience deep into a trance
just a sample of the next glorious 90 minutes
Antony's voice is close to perfection
and then with the LA Philharmonic, ah!
and in that venue, magical architecture
and wonderful interiors as well

photos were forbidden, so i just snatched
the one of the orchestra
but if you are ever in LA, visit the place!
and with this is the second time
that I step inside one of mister Frank O. Gehry buildings
the 1st one was in Herford, Germany
at the MARTa Herford museum

as for Antony and The Johnsons
even if i know the magic of that night
cannot be easily repeated
i surely hope to see them again
and here a another point of view
of the experience
the review
by my friend perro
who was with me there
the other companion as photographed here
both, mister conner und sr. perro
as they walk downtown LA
their bottom-line
"it was awesome"
i have to agree

and yes, it was a full moon
accompanying us on the 2hrs of way back
it all worthed

Monday, October 13, 2008

monday autumn

as we walked today
my friend said:
"today is a full-on autumn day"

winds strong
dry branches and traces of nature
along the streets
no more greens but turning into
deep yellows, shallow oranges and
when staring at one's feet
grass drawing patterns powered by the wind

a dusty dry autumn sepiaish monday
santa winds blow
taste not quite nightmares
not quite good dreams
on one's top layer of skin

electricity in the air
nothing, one hopes

while here a candid photo of my kitchen
where the heart of my little house lives
the heat, the smells, the laboratory
of my daily life

and a smile, most nervous
than candid is that one

another October
monday night

Saturday, October 11, 2008

san diego asian film festival

today i went to the
9th san diego asian film festival

a very enjoyable event

with samples of other sorts of art
a little painting exhibition

and live music

and a little lounge area

and even the bathrooms were a neat little surprise
paper butterflies flied on the walls
to match the theme of the festival

i watched a selection of short films
All in the Family
all themes of functional and rather disfunctional
families and relationships
they were OK, some better
some a little weird and well...
but it was interesting to listen
to the young directors talking about their films
after the presentation

I am now curious about a couple of full features films

the event was very nicely organized
a pretty, chilly, and sunny afternoon at Hazard Center
finally feels like October around here

Friday, October 10, 2008

cappuccino and croissant

after eating few vegetables variety
turkey, olive oil, and brown rice
for almost a week

this morning i woke up from a wonderful dream
still the taste on my lips
of a fragrant creamy foamy strong cappuccino
and the flaky buttery texture of a fresh made

oh, i dream of drinking a cappuccino
while eating a croissant

dreams of
cappuccinos and croissants

at least an apple turnover
with a latte...

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

morning blog

this warm October morning
took me by surprise

and as almost every day
i walk out the sunny dusty door
carrying in my little lunch bag
a rice cake, a small pear,
my smallest photo-camera and
some new hopes, and the same old fears

i just wish that by the end of the day
on the bottom of my bag
i find there your eyes or your smile

already the 8th morning of this October
and busy with headaches and pictures
i haven't realized, how fast
this year has been passing by

the hopes the fears
seems so ancient but
so new too alike

a warm dry morning
and i walk outside
following stubborn steps
to the office
to the life outside

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

the word of the day: implacable

i think that the word of the day's gadget
[see top right of this blog]
is filtering somehow thru the layers of my brain
gossiping twisted ideas to my soul
'cause today
Tuesday October 7, 2008

the word of the day was:

implacable \im-PLAK-uh-bull\, adjective:
Not placable; not to be appeased; incapable of being pacified;

and indeed i felt like that the whole day!
relentless and eagerly desirous

yep! the word of the day
surely is corroding me away!

shall i take it out?
i will just hope for a better word tomorrow

i will live a life
ruled by
dictionary dot com

Monday, October 06, 2008

Sunday, October 05, 2008

la comida del Domingo

Sonntag Mittagessen
Sunday's lunch
la comida del Domingo

raw squash

steamed squash

Mittagessen / lunch / almuerzo

palm knife


per ikea's courtesy

a for a complete gastronomic Sunday experience
here the soundtrack
There's Hell In Hello But More In Goodbye
Jim O'Rourke