Thursday, October 19, 2006

jasper fforde & line of beauty on hold

I can't finish the book the Line of Beauty
(not even the last page ;) heh heh)
officially on hold...

but decided to start The Well of Lost Plots
by Jasper Fforde
literature that is the most fun!

I have read the first 2 of the series
The Eyre Affair
Lost in a Good Book

Fiction about books and more fiction and literature
in few words: characters from different books travel among books and exchange characters, being the central character agent Thursday Next, who has a Dodo bird (Pickwick) for pet

trippy fun books!

no work

before 9am
i called sick
to my office
i've been saving my vacation time
for next spring
but i just can't make it today
my belly hurts
and i am just exhausted

what sucks about my office
is that the first day you call in-sick
has to be taken from your vacation time
the second sick day is taken from your sick time

so you can't use your sick time
unless you take one day out of vacation
so here goes one day less of vacation
but one day more of longer use of my bed
and my TV and books

back to watch the inside of my eyelids and rest

have a good day, rest of the world
i turn my back today and zzz instead