Thursday, September 30, 2010

explosions in the sky

we've been having pretty strange weather in San Diego
Monday we broke record heat, it was 95°F (35°C) inside my house!!
the poor Gatos and myself were melting...
Tuesday was a little cooler
Wednesday the humidity started gathering in the shape
of wonderful fluffy clouds!!
reminiscent of a wonderful band
Explosions in the Sky

here a sample of their wonderful cinematic music
click on the name to listen to the mp3 on their site
song: Your Hand in Mine
from their 2003 album: "The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place"

i took these photos as i was leaving the office

[click on the photo to see the full size panorama]

today Thursday, we've been having a show off of
thunderstorms and erratic rain
wonder what's in for tomorrow...
Antonio Vivaldi would be happy here this week
4 seasons, one every day of the week

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Muse, heute Abend

i have been sadly away from here
too much work
my cousin visiting
too much reading
etc., etc., etc...

but tonight, i escape and go see live Muse
i don't really know the latest albums from these English guys
but i remember back in 1999, i used to get goosebumps
with their 1st album Showbiz
tonight i see them live for the first time in my life
here in San Diego

Showbiz from Showbiz to blog about...

rock out with this falsetto 'cause
the power of rock music never dies

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

been away from my blog for too long, (posting this from my cell)

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The vanishing of Katharina Linden

a couple of Twitter fellows organized and declared September 7
as the National Buy A Book Day

i didn't know this until later that night
yet... on September 7 and after my visit to the bookstore
on Sunday Sept.5 i decided to go back and buy the 2nd book
that called my attention that day
I was thankful to have bought it on Sept. 7
therefore being part of the National movement of supporting
books and dying bookstores

the book is The Vanishing of Katharina Linden

this book sounds so appealing to me
i am like an old lady, and i've been like that since i was 12 years old
i loooove mysteries! and the quirkiest they are
the more i like them

i think my love with mysteries started with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's
Sherlock Holmes, and also with the Edgar Allan Poe short horror stories
which i started reading around age 10
since then, my love for books has evolved, i like to read other
kind of fiction too, i love classic books, and now & then
i will grab a non-fiction book... yet...

Mysteries are my favorites!

this book sounds perfect for me, a mix of fairy tales,
a haunted German town, and school stories
also, it was many words in German, so i can practice my German
the book and writer are British but the location is in Germany
the small town of Bad Münstereifel

and love how the characters are named
Oma Kristel, Onkel Thomas, Tante Britta, etc.
ah! the kids like very much to say Scheiße!

here a video-review of the book

can't wait to read more!

day off, book in

yesterday i was off work, it was the Labor day holiday
i like these days off to have long/late breakfasts and to read!
and in spite of having so many books to read
i went on Sunday to get yet another one...

i was undecided between two books
but i made up my mind and got this one
[see photo below]
since lately i don't seem to have the time
nor the frame of mind to read a whole book
these European short stories sounded like a good deal

i've read already the 1st one
an Albanian story, hilarious and rather good
then i read the 2nd one, from Austria
rather strange dreams... even more strange literature

i am glad i am getting into the obscure though...

here a review

the tea? ah! Rooibos!

Monday, September 06, 2010

pre-Labor day burgers & the fading of the Summer

i have mostly cut red meat from my diet
but when Sunday night my friend perro & his lovely wife m (m&m)
invited me to have some hamburgers, knowing perro's dedication
and detail to food, i gladly accepted...

so may the cows and pigs forgive me but i ate one of these!
delicious grilled hamburgers made of grass-fed beef
with bacon, grated Gruyere cheese, spicy guacamole,
tomatoes, and served on his own baked kaiser rolls

all made from scratch!

delicious stuff! the finished product below, before i munched it down

now the 3 day weekend is coming to an end
and that melancholy that belongs to Sunday nights
now it's here on a Monday of Labor day
i am glad to have a job, but i would love a couple of extra days off

Labor day marks the end of the Summer
although we barely had a summer here in San Diego
only a handful of days it was hot, most days were cool and some nights
were very cold, i personally prefer cool temperatures
so i was delighted, but the absence of heat made the summer fade faster

today was unusually coldish, gray, and windy, it felt
like the Autumn and having had a Holiday
i ended up thinking of Christmas!!

and to celebrate the end of my summer
which is always wasted, a lovely song
A Summer Wasting by Belle & Sebastian
from one of my most listened albums The Boy with the Arab Strap

Summer in winter,
Winter in springtime,
You heard the birds sing:
Everything will be fine.

I spent the summer wasting,
The time was passed so easily.
But if the summer's wasted
How come that I could feel so free?
I spent the summer wasting,
The sky was blue beyond compare.
A photograph of myself
Is all I have to show for
~A Summer Wasting, Belle & Sebastian

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

una foto y una canción: neighborhood & kettles

a photo and a song
ein Bild und ein Lied
una foto y una canción

"I am waitin’ ’til I don’t know when,
cause I’m sure it’s gonna happen then.
Time keeps creepin’ through the neighborhood,
killing old folks, wakin’ up babies just like we knew it would..."
~Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles), Arcade Fire

i love this song!
and to illustrate it
a couple of old pictures i took from my neighborhood
and my kettles....