Sunday, December 23, 2007

taking off

life flies
and we take off
another Christmas
another year

and merry Christmas!
and let hope make softer
the colors of your life
these memories, these years

warm wishes!
as your eyes pose here

abfliegen, Christmas, der Urlaub, taking off

Monday, December 17, 2007

fertig!/i am done/¡ya está!

endlich habe ich meine erste Deutsch Semester beendet
finally i have finished my German 101 Semester
finalmente, terminé el primer semestre de Alemán

leider spreche ich noch nicht so gut Deutsch
ich kenne nur Präsens!
kein Partizip kein Futur
ich spreche buddhistisch Deutsch

unfortunately, that doesn't mean i really speak good German
i just know the Present tense
no Past and no Future tenses
a very Buddhist version German

pero eso no significa que ya hablo bien Alemán
solo sé conjugar verbos en el tiempo presente
no hay pasado, no hay futuro
mi Alemán es muy budista

Friday, December 14, 2007


i got my 1st x-mas present!
from el perro's parents

i haven't open it
of course!

they always send me such neat things!
ah mostly wonderful books!
can't wait to see...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

cute TV commercial

oh TV commercials can be cool!

love this one from Adidas
my favorite parts
the kid taking the coin from Platini hands
"Hey yo soy el Capitán" he says...

and well the kids giving positions to play
to the super players

cute indeed!
oh i was supposed to write in Spanish
and be all pissed off now
but after some home-made remedies
heh heh
i am not anymore

trouble with the Police

after a long day with
.-much stress and much work
.-many meetings
.-feeling sick all day
.-a 2.30 hr Deutsch class from 7.05pm until 9.30pm
.-being for 12 hours out of my house
.-a pain on my neck that i have for almost 2 weeks now

i start driving back from Mesa college...
still inside the school
a Police car stopped me for speeding!
on a 15 MPH zone i was driving 25 MPH

when you think a day can't go worse
it does

so... too much for me tonight
my only relief by now is to write & cry

so i do that now:
like in the old times
cure the misery by writing
and crying... until it stops

write and cry
write and cry
write and cry

(this is not working)
let's see auf Deutsch

ich schreibe und weine
ich schreibe und weine
ich schreibe und weine
ich schreibe und weine
ich schreibe und weine
ich schreibe und weine
ich schreibe und weine
ich schreibe und weine

Nein! arbeitet nicht
vielleicht auf Spanisch

escribiendo y llorando
escribiendo y llorando
escribiendo y llorando
escribiendo y llorando
escribiendo y llorando
escribiendo y llorando
escribiendo y llorando
escribiendo y llorando

mucho mejor... ah!
y además ya nadie checa este blog
ni en inglés ni español
so why bother huh?

much better in Spanish
and after all nobody reads here
in English nor Deutsch anymore


empiezo mi diario otra vez en Español
tal vez es lo mejor

was just a strange day
seems a stranger night
still in English though
a soundly...

desperation is the English way after all
didn't say that Pink Floyd?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

another Sunday

in the sky
or on earth
happens every day
busy is the existence of humans
and busy it's the life of birds
and today...
was just another December Sun-day
living in southern California

Friday, December 07, 2007

der Regen, the rain, la lluvia

Wir stehen diese Morgen auf, wieder regnet es
We woke up to rain this morning again
Esta mañana otra vez, despertamos con lluvia


so much we depend on them
this one to keep my food cold...

machines. machines. machines.

today, middle of a rush working day
went home to get a new fridge!

courtesy of San Diego Gas & Electric company

after months of high electricity prices
i enrolled to a subsidiary program
they improved a couple of things already
but over all

they exchanged the old fridge that came with this house
for a new one! even a little bigger in internal capacity
but that uses less energy
and all with no cost neither for me nor for the landlord
good deal on California trying to go green!

old and new (both full size American fridges!)
and for such a small house, is really a treat

and here a little homage to my old fridge
and his full-of-stuff doors
farewell old machine, for a couple
of years you were my machine cold friend

máquinas de hacer frío
kalt-macht Maschine

Thursday, December 06, 2007

was ist Arbeit?

was ist Arbeit?
What is work?
¿Qué es trabajo?

as i was studying
die Berufe
for the German class

i came across this video
über Kapitalismus Konzept
es scheint ziemlich interessant...
die Graphik sind nett
und ist einfache die visuelle Idee

Leider, ich verstehe nicht alles sie sagen!
hoffentlich verstehe bald ich mehr

bis dass..

hier hier ist das Video
(und pardon meine schlecht Deutsch)
y! el trunken englis-ché-ché-ché!

Monday, December 03, 2007


oh! i was so happy to find today
a classic mexican "refresco" (soda)
Jarritos - original from 1950!

i got the Tutifruti flavor

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Saturday, December 01, 2007


yet was
dark & light & rain
this day

and to go with it
some The Arcade Fire
just 'cause one gotta love them
what an amazing refreshing band!