Monday, August 26, 2013

the moon and the animals

i took some pictures of the August full moon
with a side of black cloud...
the animals? i am still vegan
and i will forever be
i still go to bed thinking that somewhere
there is an animal suffering locked in a cage
waiting to be slaughtered, horrified, and in pain
while humans sleep nicely waiting for tomorrow's breakfast
my only regret about veganism, not have done it before
why was i blind to their pain?

a short tale, for a little-abandoned blog
better today, a bit, than none at all

August Full Moon, click to look closer

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

let's talk

"to our mom, she's been blogging too little, and spending too much time in Facebook and Twitter..."
~ Frau Kitty on a serious conversation with Herr Gato about my social media habits (I fear an intervention soon!)

Frau Kitty and Herr Gato plotting something