Saturday, October 16, 2010

El Secreto de sus ojos

I've heard about this film a lot
good opinions, and great recommendations,
won the Oscar to best foreign film
and I knew Argentinian films are great,
this one is excellent!

El Secreto de sus Ojos

Mesmerizing, really
you get into the, as i read somewhere,
byzantine plot that interlaces
an unresolved crime with a love story
mixing past time & present
sometimes complex and always elegant script
the photography, the acting
the witty, poetic, and at times,
very funny dialogs, make of it
a complete film, i'd say a masterpiece

it's very well-done in every aspect
without expensive effects, but very classy resources

i'd love to watch more films by this director

i have the lovely advantage
of being a native Spanish speaker
so the fast spoken Argentinian accent
and the 'boludo' slang
weren't a problem but rather a delight

The secret in their eyes

i recommend you that if you need subtitles
do keep the sound in Spanish, there's a lot
to the acting that makes this film

i read a bit of the English subtitles when I was done
i was curious!, and even if they are not literal
[they said: "damn you!"
when is Spanish were saying: "que me cago en ti, boludo."
that is more like, i shit on you, asshole...
which is a common, even if very rude, thing to say in Argentina
in Mexico we have other insults]
this film is worth watching even in its native language

so, highly recommendable!
one of the best murder thrillers I've seen in a while
and a soulful love story
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