Thursday, October 14, 2010

la fotografía y el internet

my very first love with the internet
was photography, yeah! digital, scanned
film, whatever, but images capturing still
a moving life
my most frequented site was
and somehow has been left behind
the silly Facebook, the blog, those more
instantly rewarding sites have kept me away
from doing more photography
also 'cause i have more limited time
and i have already too many times
photographed my front yard and my chubby cats
i feel i've become repetitive on themes
'cause i don't have much time left on the day
to go out and chase photographs

but anyway, it was refreshing to post
a couple of photos, all 35mm film
taken with my old Nikkormat camera
most taken with black & white film
an iso 100 film Kodak T-Max TMX

i really hope i get myself to photograph more
(i do photograph plenty but i don't post)
but also to do from more interesting themes
that my doorstep, my poor cats, who probably
think i am a Cat-paparazzi, and all the food i eat...

OK less blah and here are the images

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