Wednesday, September 13, 2006

george gershwin alone

at the distinguished san diego's old globe theatre
hershey felder did a good job on the play
george gershwin alone

although i didn't expect this kind of play at all...
one-shot music play, no intermission
over an hour
it was different, good, but after all not of my fondest choice

and then he threw a little surprise at the end
& got the public singing along
freaking george gershwin's songs

which makes it the most fun monologue
-yes it was just him
that i have seen in a while

a well-known director
and nice work on the lighting
projecting old photos, graphics
and scenes from the 20's new york
over one long tailed steinway & sons
and a minimalistic almost scenario
of george gershwin's own...

the music
didn't expected either
was good to see & of course listen to
a piano well-payed by an actor-performer
he did the complete version of
raphsody in blue at the end
which is always nice to listen to, oh! live...

good night


staring at one point,
over an hour or who knows?
feet naked against kitchen floor
fixed –on
window, –the front
can’t turn around while
blending stinted-peace
with lumps of involuntariness


the point is deeply white
agonizing lure

on, –not off

around it
little light-purple flowers
some barely-green leaves
in a blurring twirl
skip, tap, smile, hop

while they wait
while they hope

central and white
the point motionless

if i could just move
if i could just turn away
i wouldn’t stop
as i did before

in an wintry –summery– point