Friday, March 07, 2008


at last

i have finished all the antibiotics

in 30 days
i took 70 antibiotics pills
separated in 2 sets of
1 week and then
10 days

and as mister Daniel Defoe's text
"this thing has very much affected me"
but today i start to feel more like myself
[wonder if that's a good thing, maybe i was better
awfully quiet as i was... hmm, a thought for tonite]

and not sure why
but when i am sick or in an introspective mood
i always go back to read quirky old ghost stories
and short tales of a remote past
like this one
The Apparition of Mrs. Veal
short classic ghost story
from a long time ago
some old English words drove me
to the dictionary for a double check

but a treat for those my dizzy days!
good to be coming back to 'normal'
and tonight
i might even play more with pictures
and sounds
have a good weekend
wherever you are