Wednesday, November 24, 2010

wishlist 2010

Wired magazined published the wishlist 2010
plenty of neat items
i already want item #1 of their list!
this lovely Hario V60 Buono Kettle
stylish, so pretty!

but i already have a kettle, so i won't buy it
nor request it
but i like the wishlist idea
i will keep on adding items from here to December
that i wish i had, but chances are i won't get
as gifts, nor i will buy
so they will always be that: wishes...

for once i will be unlike most Americans
i will wish, but not attempt to posses
only on the blog as pictures
very much like the lovely blog of our german lady friend
Geisslein, who updates every day her blog
with lovely images, stylish rooms, and products

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lennon days

yesterday watched Lennon Naked
this British documentary at PBS' Contemporary Masterpiece
interesting but nothing like tonight's edition
of American Masters
Lennon NYC, hope you are watching or watch too

amazing story, great interviews, Yoko included
of John's time in NYC and LA

what a wonderful man he was!
all genius, so sincere, what a big heart

Watch the full episode. See more American Masters.

Lennon on Sunday
Lennon on Monday
i could take it all days of all months
of all weeks

Sunday, November 21, 2010

der Regen ist la Lluvia when it rains

masculine in German
feminine in Spanish
neutral auf Englisch

he/she/it has been installed in San Diego
for the weekend

la Lluvia

der Regen

& it rains rains rains

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

under construction

as my little life seems always to be
be be be, and then it bes again

[this photo="" from="" across="" my="" street=""][/this]

and a song to accompany the mood, sure thing!
another Arcade Fire, the Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)

this to honor the always-under-construction
neighborhood of my heart & souls
as it goes:

And if the snow buries my,
my neighborhood.
And if my parents are crying
then I’ll dig a tunnel
from my window to yours,
yeah a tunnel from my window to yours.
You climb out the chimney
and meet me in the middle,
the middle of town.
And since there’s no one else around,
we let our hair grow long
and forget all we used to know,
then our skin gets thicker
from living out in the snow.

You change all the lead
sleepin’ in my head,
as the day grows dim
I hear you sing a golden hymn.

Then we tried to name our babies,
but we forgot all the names that,
the names we used to know.
But sometimes, we remember our bedrooms,
and our parent’s bedrooms,
and the bedrooms of our friends.
Then we think of our parents,
well what ever happened to them?!

You change all the lead
sleepin’ in my head to gold,
as the day grows dim,
I hear you sing a golden hymn,
the song I’ve been trying to say.

Purify the colors, purify my mind.
Purify the colors, purify my mind,
and spread the ashes of the colors
over this heart of mine!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

they are coming!

Mysterious Missile Launch Off California Coast

WASHINGTON - Whatever it was, it didn't represent a threat to the United States.

That's according to a statement from the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, about what appeared to be a missile launched Monday off the coast of Southern California.

The agency says there was no launch by any foreign military.

U.S. military officials say they're looking into a video that appears to show an object shooting across the sky and leaving a large vapor trail.

A Pentagon spokesman says nobody has been able to explain what the vapor trail is, or what caused it. He says "all indications" are that the Defense Department wasn't involved, and that it might have been created by something flown by a private company.

Missile tests are common off Southern California, from vessels and platforms. Normally, they would require notification so mariners and pilots could be warned.

A KCBS news helicopter crew captured footage late Monday of what appeared to be a missile in the sky northwest of Catalina Island. The video shows a point of light moving through the sky followed by a contrail, similar to a missile being launched.

"We're looking into it," said Ian Gregor of the Federal Aviation Administration. "We did not approve of any commercial launches in that area Monday."

The North American Aerospace Defense Command and the United States Northern Command issued a statement saying federal authorities were aware of the "unexplained contrail."

"At this time, we are unable to provide specific details, but we are working to determine the exact nature of this event," according to the statement. "We can confirm that there is no threat to our nation and from all indications this was not a launch by a foreign military. We will provide more information as it becomes available."

Officials at Vandenberg Air Force Base and Naval Air Station Point Mugu told the Los Angeles Times they were not responsible for the launch.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Sherlock's chic scarf

i've never been a fashionista
& these days i wear mostly clothes
i either found on sale and
that don't make me look too fat...
sadly, my fashion sense has been pretty neglected

but as i watched the 3rd episode of Sherlock
which was a dark, more involved plot one
i realized, i am in love with Sherlock's scarf

it looks so soft, but the kind of softness that
comes with use, just like the patina developed
by the 400-year-of-use teapots from episode 2
The Blind Banker...

so trying to find out more about Sherlock's scarf
i did what any pertinent person does these days
i googled it! and what's my surprise
i am not the only one with a passion
for the scarf, the coat, 'Dr. Watson's' look,
or Sherlock's coat neck wear up!
there's even a new fashion-term
Sherlock chic!

check for yourself
on the Sherlocking Forums
and this article at the Independent

so if you see a scarf like the one he's wearing above
please let me know where
i want one, and who knows?
maybe i'll even start 'deducing' stuff myself too

Sunday, November 07, 2010

unlikely friends

my friend mione sent me this
a perfect Sunday morning story
the lovely story of an unlikely friendship
between animals, just see

it's a colder but sunny fall morning in San Diego
a quiet Sunday with cats & friends

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

love for the printed book

oh! i will have to get this one for my little library...

Bound to Last: 30 Writers On Their Most Cherished Book
by (Editor) Sean Manning; (Foreword) Ray Bradbury
Da Capo Press
ISBN-10 030681921x
ISBN-13 9780306819216
FORMAT Paperback
From Strand Bookstore

An array of writers come to the passionate defense of the printed book with spirited, never-before-published essays celebrating the hardcover or paperback that matters most to them - not necessarily because of its content, but because of the significance it holds for them as a one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable object. Includes original essays by, among others: Ray Bradbury, Francine Prose, David Hajdu, Wells Tower, Julia Glass. 288p.
Editor Sean Manning appears @STRAND BOOKSTORE >>November 3>>7pm - 8pm.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


i always disliked politics
but as i grow older
i understand the responsibilities of a good citizen
and i appreciate the freedom to vote

so i went out and voted
as i've done for a long time now

as i write this Jerry Brown is being
declared as the new Democratic Governor
of California, i celebrate 'cause he was my choice

let's see how this goes for California
oh poor beautiful state!

while waiting for elections results
i had to distract myself with something

Herr Gato and his politic views helped!
and Herr Gato is much better looking than Jerry too!