Sunday, March 23, 2008

brothers Quay

amazing stop-motion animation
by the Quay brothers
identical twins that create these
rather interesting animation pieces

they are poetic, they are dark
they are non-sense but make all the sense
at the same time
dunkel, beautiful, like a deep strange dream

here the dark, sehr sehr dunkel
"Stille Nacht I: Dramolet"

[and to think it's just an old doll,
some magnets and powdered metal...]

and another little sample

if you come across their dark art
do not miss them!

and thanks to mister atom
for introducing me to the Quay brothers
i have a DVD with
The Brothers Quay Collection:
Ten Astonishing Short Films 1984-1993 (1984)
creatures to crawl into my
mexican-californian mind
and then not so sunny will be this Sunday


Frohe Ostern!
Happy Easter!
un buen Domingo de Pascua

if you notice i didn't say
Feliz Pascua or Feliz Semana Santa
in Spanish is not used to say "Happy"
about these days, since it is more
of a quiet Holiday
the resurrection of Jesus Christ is today

but now this more pagan yet fun
way to celebrate Easter with bunnies and eggs
a lovely Rabbit made by my
co-worker's 6 year-old daughter
[check out the little tail, heh heh...]

and have a good Sunday
no matter what or how you celebrate