Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jan Svankmajer

when i saw the version of
Alice in Wonderland
by Jan Svankmajer
i knew his world of animation
had to be a very surreal one
of course my favorite character
has to be the White Rabbit
here the scene of how he came to life

i found tonight
this little weird animation too
from 1989!

ich trank dies Bier gestern

i got it from Trader Joe's
probably my favorite grocery store

the "commercial" description here:

"Hofbrau" in German means "the brew of royalty." Trader Joe's Hof Brau Bock is a fine example of the regal brewing traditions still found in Germany today. This outstanding bock is golden in coclor, very rich and moderately hopped. 22 IBUS. Brewed with three types of imported malts, Hallertau aroma hops and lager yeasts.

And I would say...
it was pretty decent for a grocery store beer

here a complete review from some Bier "Connaisseurs"