Tuesday, June 12, 2007

summer cleaning - day 1

Limones en la casa de Tina
Nikkormat - film iso 100 FujiFilm

cleaning diet - day 1

after 38 years of use
i decided to give my digestive system
a little rest

i have this condition
for which is highly recommended a liquid diet
every now & then
but i am the kind of person that eats at least 5 times a day
not big meals, but i eat all day

anyway, my doctor recommended a 2 day liquid diet
just to clean the system
and while researching more on liquid diets
i decided for the 5 day version of a master cleanse

according to my "research" this liquid diet
based on lemons and honey, should last 10 days for maximum effect
but I since I am not sure I can hold that long without solid food
I am opting for the 5 days version...

so far, 1 day!
it is 10pm and i haven't had a single solid today
strangely, i am not hungry
maybe is the amount of maple syrup and lemon juice
and tons of water i have drunk
now & then during the evening i had cravings
and pictures of juicy dishes came to my mind
but i am seeing this not just a cleaning of the body
but also of trying to hold myself and being a little disciplined when it comes to food
i usually eat anything i want and i allow myself to eat too much of anything i like

i do feel what i guess is a rush of toxins in my body
and my head hurts a little
but i am happy to do something nice for my body
for once, since i have not taken good care of myself before
and as age comes closer
i realize that i have to take care of what i eat
and how healthy i am since i don't really like
to feel those stupid migraines and other annoying aches
if what it takes to feel fine is to be healthy
damn! and sadly and with remorse i kiss some of my toxins good-bye
not of all them though, some natural toxins are very good for you...

also i can't wait for my system to be so clean
that i will be able to perceive smells and tastes
of the new food i will eat much better

this is somehow a spiritual cleaning too
not sure why, but even if tired and very sleepy today
but i feel much more relaxed than other days!
maybe it is the lack of my beloved caffeine
that many days keeps on the edge of survival

mmm? interesting, they say by day 3 you feel light
and completely clear minded... we shall see...

now just another 4 days...

some lemons here
another film picture
and citrus and honey
a nice combo for a couple of days after all


Arrive home early
Turn on TV


Pain, anxiety, murder, chaos, war

Strange how all these are just words
And strange how encapsulated seem to be the feelings they seems to represent
Maybe it is the format
Those 3-minute quick notes from the press
3 minutes they have to depict a family’s tragedy
or the agony of a whole nation…

They (the news on TV, everywhere for that matter…)
sound so encrypted, so regulated
analyzed for a human fast digestion in the head

And as I think of each of the meaning of those words
I feel as I almost can’t take it

Pain, just 4 letters
To express all that it involves
Remember the last time you suffered “pain”?
No matter if physical or emotional
Of the body or the soul or the brain
It didn’t feel like something you could encapsulate in 4 letters, right?
It probably felt like an empty endless hole
Or like an overwhelming sensation that sometimes doesn’t let you breath
But nothing like just 4 lettered feeling

We human have these entities, the words
And as mister monk would said…
They are a blessing, they are a curse

One of my favorite authors of all times
Argentinean Julio Cortázar used to call them
Perras Negras – black bitches
That jump along a page

So I leave mine here today
Just more words
humanly encapsulated resources
to express to you
my feeling about them


i started my 5 day detox diet
i haven't eat any solids today...