Friday, April 27, 2007

walking alone at night

Do coincidences really exist?
Are they predestined events, or just simply déjà vu?
Or are they little tricks our minds play on us?

Sky about to Storm
Normal Heights - San Diego, California
film iso 400 - camera nikkormat

The walking solution
Is good for any occasion

I remember tonight
That anytime
Nothing like a walk
A night walk

Low flood of the night
Lights outside
The sound of distant cars
passing by

The half moon
And soft smell of houses
From the inside
Late night

I walk
Alone, yet
The remembrance of you

Tonight an empty chair
and a late cloud

Sunday, April 22, 2007

jury duty on Monday

Monday morning
I have been called for Jury Duty
I must be at downtown at 7.30 am!

yet... I am having for dinner one of these beers
Oatmeal Stout sound great!
and nutritious! after all was used once for lactacting mothers?

but also the 2 Below Ale sounds yum!
a good beer dinner a night before
I might get stock in a trial
don't think so but... you never know...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Into Great Silence (Die Große Stille)

tonight i finally watched this beautiful film
Into Great Silence
& to my surprise
it is not silent at all!

the absence of human sounds
brings out the beauty of the
monastery's daily reverberations of life

the film is all the good things
I read on the reviews
about the rhythm and sense of spirituality
but over all…

it is a splendid visual masterpiece!

Danke schön to Herr Philip Gröning
And his camera crew
For portraying the glory of simple life
In such a beautiful film
without any artificial light
and always preserving a high sense of respect
to the monastic life

reminiscences of Andrei Tarkovsky
and Akira Kurosawa styles
has this film
(those beautiful unhurried long shots!)

If you watch this film
Don’t expect too much of the story
There is no plot...
Just let yourself immerse into
The Great Silence...
relax and prepare your eyes & soul to enjoy!
& remember 2 hrs 44 minutes is nothing
“for God, there is no past, only present.”

practicalities: have an espresso with a teaspoon of sugar
before going into the theatre, & any other enhnacement
you'd like ;)

a kitchen poem

she opened her mouth
(a mild gesture of her fatigue)
& the fresh scent of peppermint
by her face

how will it be his embrace?
as a ray of sunlight
that caresses a fresh piece of wood
in a carpentry bench?

fragrances of honey &
of wet soil after rain


in my kitchen
there are these higher shelves
the ones i can’t reah
unless i put a stool
underneath my feet
where i store cans, rice, & other food

if there is...
peppermint &...
your arms smell like wood...
the higher shelves
i can’t reach them,
while you are away

árbol de lima - Autlán, Jalisco
April 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

el pajarito de Autlán

While I was in Autlán
This little bird felt from his nest

My mother has this beautiful garden
Visited every day by many birds
Therefore, she is used to this sort of accidents

She already has a shoe-box prepared to keep
Fallen birds warm
She made a hole all across the box
And she put a tree branch across it
And a piece of cloth to keep the little birds warm

For 2 days while I was there
She fed the bird with a paste made out of masa
(the corn dough for making tortillas) & water

around 3pm of the second day
and with the bright Autlán sun shinning high
we took the box with the bird
to the main garden
we left the box half open
specially since he was singing loud
after a couple of minutes
the mother appeared and after falling a couple of times
the little bird was able to follow her to the nest again

unfortunately I didn’t take a movie of that!
But here is the feeding process
And my mother, her kitchen
(watch the movie till the end for a full view)
And that beautiful memory of some bright
Days with a little bird in Autlán

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Autlán, oh well!

I travel to Autlan tomorrow

and I had an awful day today
I am sick right before my little vacation

sore throat, fever
headache, and all the body hurts
i shiver now & then too

and I feel
mad, sad, dark, old, ignored, fat
& very stupid, I look like shit
in this photo of today

and sadness crawls all over my being
but I thought I was looking for my days off
and today all went wrong...

YOU could've send a little
have a good trip note
but you choose not to

and now I am gone
the plane might crash
and me in little pieces
won't be able to wave goodbye

so I leave this dark sad image of me
in case I die
for the closing of my blog

When I am a woman of 38 I become
I might be alive
or never ever come back

pretty dark stuff, huh?

That is, if the plane doesn’t fall
otherwise this will be a pretty dark joke

mmm? somehow, alone & old
but I do hope to come back
to my silly lonely little life

Saturday, April 07, 2007


another one of my favorite bands
their lyrics...
here the song Breaker
and a very sweet video
from their new album
Drums and Guns

Friday, April 06, 2007

Viernes Santo

in English
Good Friday
not a Holiday in USA

in Mexico
it is a Holiday
and it is Viernes Santo

the day Jesus Christ died
I am not hard-core catholic
I was raised a catholic
but I do respect Jesus
and I respect the catholic grief

Good Friday
is always a cloudy day!
what a coincidence and today
San Diego is cloudy
menace of rain
I guess being cloudy
is the sky & clouds way to keep
a quiet moment of silence
keeping the sun away
for a philosopher of life
who died 2007 years ago

Thursday, April 05, 2007

am Telefon

it is fun
to leave cheerful messages
at your dear friend's phone
heh heh heh

this photo, from a couple of weeks ago
can't believe it is already april!
time flies these days
as life, in sun & smiles & spring beginnings,
day by day, magically goes

los viejos tiempos

porque jaime siempre me los recuerda
& because sonic brings back
days of mexico city
subway & running, crowds
& then some green stops at parks
walking fast all the time
school, work, life
& sonic youth on my headphones, must of the time
or while driving in my car
& then i found a friend online, who lived in Monterrey
and liked Sonic Youth as well
[don't miss the destroyed room photo on their site!]
almost 10 years later, we are still friends online

here Silver Rocket
Sonic Youth, love that they recorded this video live
look closer at the playing of those guitars
and Thurston singing breaking voice sometimes

Monday, April 02, 2007

April played some jokes on me yesterday
it made a fool of me the whole day!

About 10am – internet’s connection is down
(upgrading services, blah blah blah, tech support said tonight)

oh but I got a movie via NetFlix
The Departed!
so, yeah I am going to watch it
and watched almost the whole movie
out of 37 chapters on the DVD
the damn DVD broke on chapter 35!!!
I am about 8 minutes from the freaking ending
And the stupid DVD got a clinch
So far, I haven’t seen the ending
I returned the DVD on the mail and I am waiting for a replacement
In a couple of days, to watch the last 8 minutes of a 2hrs 35 minutes film
damn damn damn!
and soon I'll be 38... mmm?
old & unlucky lady today i am...